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From President Reif

“Through large actions and small,Rafael Reif on the MIT campus and well beyond, we are a community working as one for the betterment of humankind.”

Neighborhood Response Fund Donors -

  • Sangeeta Bhatia
  • Alan Grossman
  • Paula Hammond
  • Tyler Jacks and Laura Davis
  • Erica James
  • Andrew Lo
  • Nancy Rose and Jim Poterba
  • Leona Samson and David Hunter
  • Noelle Selin
  • Phil and Ann Sharp
  • Tim Swager
  • Kim and Kathy Vandiver
  • Bevin Engleward
  • Jared Curhan
  • Paul Parravano
  • Traci Swartz
  • Sarah Gallop
  • Ashley Kennedy
  • Ted Johnson
  • Martin Bazant
  • Rama Ramakrishnan and Anu Chitrapu
  • Piotr Indyk
  • Claude Canizares
  • Deborah Ancona
  • Yosef Sheffi
  • Xiaoyu Gu
  • Colette Heald
  • Lily L. Tsai
  • Leslie Price
  • Rohit Karnik
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Gregory Stephanopoulos
  • Pierre Lermusiaux
  • Albert Meyer
  • Richard Lester
  • Tonda Lumley
  • Heidi Nepf
  • Fiona Murray
  • Eric Greimann
  • Takako Aikawa
  • Sally Haslanger
  • Harold Hemond
  • Nora Murphy
  • Seth Mnookin
  • Jaeyoung Yoon
  • Laurie Everett
  • Suzanne Berger
  • Robert T. Morris
  • David I. Kaiser
  • Rosalind H. Williams
  • Anne E.C. McCants
  • Mary C. Fuller
  • Keith Clavin
  • Michael Yang
  • Peter Reeves-Hall
  • Barbara Malec
  • Angela Ellis
  • Alvory Mendez
  • Anthony Zolnik
  • Ann Warner-Harvey
  • William Deringer
  • Ruth Levitsky
  • Lachlan Patterson
  • Jessie and Eric von Hippel
  • Kimberly Mancino and Gromek Smolen
  • Rupinder Grewal
  • Laksmankanth Indrakaran
  • Rebecca Colleen Reilly
  • Eryn Heying
  • Sudy Nally
  • Jana Dambrogio
  • Katharine Dunn
  • Scott McKenzie
  • Karen Bowes
  • Isaak B. Kifle
  • Stacy-Ann Wint
  • Kristian Georgiev
  • Elizabeth Milnes
  • Peter Pinch
  • Antonio Regalado
  • Amy Keating
  • Hee Jeong Kim
  • Bess Paupeck
  • Seth and Cristina Alexander
  • Jessica Troe
  • Nicholas de Monchaux
  • Mehul Dhorajia
  • Laurie Scheffler
  • William Colehower
  • Peter Roy and Emma Somers-Roy
  • Eric Burcsu
  • Martin Marks
  • Barbara Malec
  • Cynthia Skier
  • Julia Parker
  • Geraldine McGowan
  • James Poterba
  • Leah Gallant
  • William Green
  • David Gordon
  • Lydia Snover
  • Elizabeth Hawley
  • Rosabelli Coelho-Keyssar
  • Zoltan Spakovsky
  • Anna Kasok
  • Eric Klopfer
  • Catherine Gamon
  • Mary Davenport
  • Maura Herson
  • Gayle Gallagher
  • Eugene Wu
  • Margaret Zientek
  • Jean Sack
  • Gregory Allen
  • George Haldeman
  • Chansup Byun
  • Brandon Dilworth
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Dan Boroson
  • Kendra Kratkiewicz
  • Elizabeth J. Garrels
  • Huan Yao
  • Juliana Cherston
  • Doug Beeferman
  • Olivia Brown
  • William Davis
  • Shannon McCord
  • Glenn and Tara Gans
  • Anonymous (11)
Thank you so much!

MIT Community Service Fund

Back the home team – the MIT Community Service Fund, brings together MIT volunteers and donors to strengthen local nonprofits and our greater community.

In 2019, the CSF awarded a total of $66,000 in grants. The allocations included -

  • The MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center: $35,000
  • Cambridge nonprofits: $21,000
  • Public service initiatives led by MIT students and staff: $10,000
Your gift to the MIT Community Service Fund supports these efforts and more! Let's keep the talent and energy at MIT flowing toward long-lasting solutions by working on the ground to make our greater community a brighter place for everyone.

Volunteers distributing donations of potatoes
A volunteer distributing food donations to the Margaret Fuller House food pantry in 2016
Volunteers painting a railing along the Charles River with the Charles River Cleanup crew

From President Reif

“Through large actions and small,Rafael Reif on the MIT campus and well beyond, we are a community working as one for the betterment of humankind.”

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Donate to the MIT COVID-19 Neighborhood Response Fund

Administered by the MIT Office of Government and Community Relations and the MIT Community Service Fund

Red heart on a blue sky above the MIT dome, flanked by trees. Text saying Help provide food and shelter to our Cambridge neighbors. Non-profit partners: Cambridge Community Center, CASPAR, East End House, Food for Free, Just A Start, Margaret Fuller House.

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With the lack of a paycheck, many of our neighbors in Cambridge are suffering from food insecurity, and in some cases, homelessness. For many years, MIT faculty and staff have been volunteering and giving to outstanding Cambridge non-profits that provide food and shelter. Now is a crucial time to support our neighbors. When you give via Atlas, 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to the six Cambridge non-profits listed above. Click the Give Now button to make your donation on Atlas and join the list of MIT faculty and staff donors. On behalf of those in need, we thank you for your generous gift.

Charities Assisted by the Neighborhood Response Fund:

Cambridge Community Center (Food Pantry): The Cambridge Community Center, a nonprofit that has served the community for over 90 years, opened an emergency Food and Supply pantry which distributed groceries to over 750 Cambridge families in its first week. They have brought connection to their community during the crisis with weekly calls to seniors and sustained contact and activity organizing for any family previously enrolled in their youth programs dating back to 2011.

CASPAR (Homeless Shelter): CASPAR's Homeless Shelter (located on MIT's campus) and First Step Street Outreach Team are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, serving more than 200 homeless neighbors a day on the street and in the Albany Street shelter. They provided critical assistance in operating the temporary shelter sited at the Field House of Cambridge Rindge and Latin. The staff is providing lifesaving basic needs, as well as health monitoring, enhanced cleaning, implementing social distancing, and ensuring our homeless neighbors have the information needed to stay as safe as possible.

East End House (Food Pantry and Emergency Childcare): Situated a few blocks outside of Kendall Square, the East End House (EEH) is a vital community resource providing critical services to our neighbors. EEH is currently operating an emergency food and infant necessities program and is providing emergency childcare for essential workers.

Food for Free (Food Distribution): Food for Free has leveraged its food rescue and delivery networks to continue feeding our most vulnerable neighbors in Cambridge. In previous weeks, Food for Free delivered over 28,000 pounds of food to 1,276 households in Cambridge and distributed 400-500 meals a day to Cambridge Public School students.

Just-A-Start (Food and Housing Support): With a dedication to the housing stability and economic wellbeing of our neighbors, Just-A-Start (JAS) is distributing food, providing remote financial coaching, and administering emergency eviction prevention services. JAS’s workforce development programs are indispensable at a time when the country is experiencing double digit unemployment rates.

Margaret Fuller House (Food Pantry): During the crisis, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House (MFNH) is providing Emergency Food Pantry services. In a typical year, MFNH’s food pantry serves 16,000 families. The MFNH staff have also been offering emergency relief funding for those who need help paying rent/eviction notices, utilities, needed medications, and food. The MFNH Peace Academy has been offering digital afterschool services to their community during the school year, and both digital and in-person summer services, and (for the first time) full-day child care.

Community Giving at MIT starts with you.

MIT Faculty and Staff Give now on Atlas by credit card or payroll deduction.
MIT certificates and SSN verification are required.
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