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What are the benefits of donating through Community Giving at MIT?

Convenient payroll deductions — spread your donation over each paycheck. Your selected agency will receive 100% of your donation — MIT doesn't deduct any administrative or credit card fees.

How much is raised by Community Giving at MIT?

As of Dec. 31, 2020, the campaign raised a total of $515,506 made by 690 MIT donors.

  • MIT Community Service Fund: $76,789.
  • MIT Gifts for MIT health or human service programs: $129,492, including $44,918 for the Staff Hardship Fund and $77,660 for the Covid-19 Neighborhood Relief Fund.
  • The United Way of Massachusetts Bay: $68,638.
  • Favorite local charities selected by donors: $240,587.

Thank you MIT!

When do charities receive my donation?

One-time gifts made by check or credit card are sent to the recipient organization within 30 days.

Donations made by payroll deduction to the MIT Community Service Fund and the United Way are disbursed monthly.

Donations made by payroll deduction to other nonprofits are sent via check three times a year.

What organizations are supported?

Community Giving at MIT focuses on local health and human service agencies. In addition to the MIT Community Service Fund and the United Way, donors can give to local 501(c)3 organizations that work directly to improve the lives of men, women, and children in the Cambridge and Greater Boston area.

Donors often wish to give to faith-based organizations, schools, libraries, and environmental or animal organizations. Community Giving at MIT campaign staff make every effort to accomodate these donations by directing them to a program that meets the required criteria. Employees are encouraged to suggest dedicated funds within their favorite organizations that support:

  • Food pantries
  • Service animal training
  • Youth and senior support services
  • Counseling, education, or community outreach

Does MIT have a matching gift program?

MIT cannot match charitable gifts because MIT is a nonprofit institution. If you have a spouse/partner, we encourage you to check to see if his/her employer has a matching gift program. Some employers will match gifts made by the employee's spouse/partner.

How can I claim my donation on my taxes?

You must obtain a receipt in order to claim a charitable tax deduction on your federal tax return. Unless you opt out, the recipient organization will send you a receipt for your donations. For gifts made by payroll deduction, save a copy of your online or printed donation form and year end pay stub that sets forth the amount withheld for payment through Community Giving at MIT.

How can I volunteer my time?

Please visit the PKG Public Service Center, which organizes a wide breadth of volunteer opportunities for the MIT community. You can email volunteering@mit.edu to set up a time to meet.

If you'd like to volunteer with United Way or one of the many United Way supported nonprofits in the area, you can visit the United Way Volunteeer HQ for a schedule of opportunities in your area.

Volunteer HQ Participants

Atlas Application

Can I donate by both credit card and payroll deduction on Atlas?

Yes, you may designate one set of donations by payroll deduction and make as many credit card donations as you choose.

Atlas says I can only donate by credit card; why?

A few members of the MIT Community that use Atlas cannot donate by payroll deduction. Students, affiliates, and unpaid employees will only be able to donate by credit card using the Atlas application.

If you are a paid employee who is not able to select payroll deduction as a payment method, you probably have an active payroll donation already set up. To review or change your donations, you must find your current donation on the main Charitable Contributions page.

How can I (increase the amount of/add a new deduction to) my current payroll deductions?

Find your current payroll deductions in the list at the top of the Charitable Contributions page, and click the pencil icon at the right to make edits. You can add another charity to your current list of deductions by clicking “add another charity” and designating the amount you would like set aside each pay period. You can also edit the amount pledged to your previous deductions.

Why is my charity not on the list of charities in Atlas?

Please check that you have spelled your charity correctly, and please be aware of grammatical differences (Rosie’s Place vs. Rosies Place).

If you find that your charity is still not on our list, don’t fret! You can type in your charity name and click “Add your desired charity to our list”.

We’ll ask you for some additional information so that we can locate the correct charity, verify its 501(c)(3) status, and check that it fits the guidelines of Community Giving at MIT. If everything checks out, your charity should be approved within two business days. You’ll receive an email with a link to the Charitable Contributions page so that you can finish making your donations.

Can I still donate by cash/check/securities? How?

Yes, you can! Simply fill out our paper donation form and send it to our office at E19-711. Please make all checks out directly to the charity of your choice. Checks made out to Community Giving at MIT will delay processing.

Can I donate to a specific United Way agency or cause?

Donations to the United Way made through the Atlas application can be directed to a specific supported agency or impact fund, as long as the agency or fund meets Community Giving at MIT guidelines. If you would like to donate to a specific agency or fund supported by the United Way, please contact our staff at community-giving@mit.edu.