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DE helps students invent new technologies and organizations, increases their understanding of the challenges faced by low income communities, connects them to other resources at MIT and elsewhere that may help them design and implement sustainable enterprises, and conducts research that may be useful to entrepreneurs and enterprises. DE strives to provide scholarships for young entrepreneurs focused on low-income communities, providing travel and project funds to develop their ideas, along with a supportive network to help them grow and nurture their dreams.

The Program in DE—in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Center at the Sloan School of Management, the Media Laboratory, and the MIT Design Laboratory —

  1. offers instruction in development-oriented entrepreneurship,
  2. works with all of the other development-oriented programs at MIT,
  3. builds the Developmental Entrepreneurship Network (DEN) in partnership with the MIT Alumni Association, and
  4. supports the new MIT $100k Competition in Entrepreneurship for Development.