MAS.S63 Life Nanomachine Synergism

Instructor: Deblina Sarkar
TA: Baju Chiyezhath Joy
Graduate Course: Spring 2020
Time: Wednesdays 10 am -12 pm
Venue: E14-493
Units: 12 (2-0-10)

Course Description

Are you interested in knowing:
-> how we can play tricks with the electrons and make them into useful devices that are revolutionizing the digital world around us?
-> how we can fuse such tiny nanoscale devices and other non-electronic nanotechnology with our body and brain to probe and therapeutically modulate our brain and body?
-> will these technologies provide the answer someday as to how the brain works?

If yes, then this is the course for you! This is a highly interactive course where you will learn about

i>            fundamentals of nanoelectronics
ii>           bio-electronic interfaces
iii>          technologies for brain mapping and control
iv>          synthetic biology
v>           nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

-> assignments: You will be reading papers related to above topics and doing presentations in the class.
-> Final project: You will be asked to critically review a given technology and write a report. These reports will be published as a book chapter  
-> grading: will be based on performance in class presentations and discussions as well as final project. There is no final exam.
-> prerequisites: none

Course Schedule

Week Topics
February 5 Overview of syllabus and expectations Introduction to Nanoelectronics and non-conventional electronic devices
February 12 Nanoelectronic Label-free Biosensors
February 19 Brain Structural and Functional (Electrical) Mapping
February 26 Detection of Biomolecular cues of neural computation
March 4 Recording non-electrical signals from Brain
March 11 Technologies for Neural Stimulation
March 18 Overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier
March 25
Spring break!
No class
April 1 Technologies for detection and monitoring of tumors/cancerous tissues
April 8 Atomically thin materials (such as graphene) based Nano-electro Mechanical Sensors
April 15 Carbon Nanotubes in biotechnology
April 22
Member’s Week
No class due to Member’s Week
April 29 Silicon nanowires as bio-sensors
May 6 Piezoelectric based actuators