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My Controversy

This website seeks to address the Roundup Ready controversy. Since the 1990s, the Monsanto Company has been developing and selling Roundup Ready seeds - genetically engineered crops that are resistant to their herbicide Roundup. This has sparked a great deal of controversy. How do you regulate genetically engineered crops? How do we make sure these crops are safe? Is genetic engineering the answer to world hunger? Is genetic engineering worth the risk? All of these questions have been asked by Monsanto, governments around the world and non-government organizations active in issues involving the environment, big business, and health and safety.

If you are unfamiliar with Roundup Ready seeds, you might want to start by reading the background page. To learn more about the impact of Roundup Ready seeds, check out the impact page. The roles of specific organizations in the Roundup Ready controversy are outlined on the players page. If you'd like a look at map analysis of Monsanto's research and the controversy, check out the maps page.