Projects (ongoing)

  • Development of multi-station ELF inversion methods for continuous quantitative monitoring of the global lightning activity (with Vadim Mushtak, Robert Boldi and Anirban Guha)

  • Use of S-band polarimetric radar observations to diagnose microphysical conditions in winter storms toward assessing icing conditions hazardous to aircraft (with Dave Smalley, Mike Donovan, Robert Hallowell, Kenta Hood, Betty Bennett, Mengistu Wolde and Alexei Korolev)

  • Use of X-band polarimetric radar observations to explore the anisotropy of precipitation particles involved with the initial electrification of thunderclouds (with Enrique Mattos and Luiz Machado)

  • Investigation of local Hadley cell structure as a linkage mechanism between Atlantic hurricane activity and drought in the western Amazon basin (with Robinson Negron-Suarez)

  • Exploration of the diurnal variation of Schumann resonance signals in the central Pacific Ocean at Tahiti (with Anirban Guha and Pascal Ortega)

  • Investigation of physical properties of African surface sediments to understand provenance of dust transport, the relationship of magnetic susceptibility to rainfall, and the albedo of semiarid and arid terrain (with William Balsam, Frank Oldfield, Barbara Maher, Andi Andreae and Wafa Abouchami)

  • Exploration of the wavenumber-4 structure in the ionosphere (with Xuemin Zhang)

  • Development of a high voltage current source in air to explore the stability of arc channels in the ampere range (with Robert Golka and Mike Valente)

  • Example pic