Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Writing and Speaking by E. Bertschinger


Systemic Change: TEAM-UP and Beyond (PERC 2020 refereed Conference paper)
An IDEA for Physics Organizations (2020, community announcement of APS-IDEA
Systemic Changes to Increase African Americans with Bachelorís Degrees in Physics and Astronomy (2020, APS Forum on Education Spring 2020 Newsletter)
Seeking Symmetry Among Physicists (2020, APS Physics online magazine)
The Time is Now: Systemic Changes to Increase African Americans with Bachelor's Degrees in Physics and Astronomy (2020, American Institute of Physics)
It is Difficult to Know What to Do (2019, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Astro2020 APC White Paper: Providing a Timely Review of Input Demographics to Advisory Committees (D. Norman et al, 2019)
Astro2020: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education: an Astro2020 APC White Paper by the AAS Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education (A. Rudolph et al, 2019)
Report of the 2018 AAS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education (M. Agueros et al, 2019, American Astronomical Society)
Climate and Accountability (2018, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being at MIT (2018, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Inclusive Community Faculty Dinners (2018, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
What I Learned as a Department Head (2016, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Women in physics in the United States: Recruitment and retention (N. Abramzon et al, 2015, AIP Conference Proceedings 1697, 060045)
Advancing a Respectful and Caring Community (2015, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Advancing a Respectful and Caring Community: Learning by Doing at MIT (2015, ICEO Report)
Preventing and Addressing Sexual Misconduct at MIT: A Faculty Primer (E. Bertschinger and S. Rankin, 2014, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Creating a Culture of Caring: MIT's First Institute Community and Equity Officer (2013, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Improving the Status of Women in Physics (and Astronomy) Departments (2012, American Astronomical Society Newsletter)
What Students Want From Faculty (2012, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Physics (2012, Physics@MIT)
Leaders in Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT (2011, American Astronomical Society STATUS newsletter)
Departmental Discussions of Diversity and Inclusion (2011, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Is there a conflict between diversity and excellence at MIT? (2011, MIT Faculty Newsletter)
Bullying Can Happen in College, Too (2011: D.J. Nelson, E. Bertschinger, D. Burgess, and E.A. Nalley, Chronicle of Higher Education, vol. 57, issue 24)


The Fallout from COVID-19 on Astronomyís Most Vulnerable Groups (A. Venkatesan, E. Bertschinger, D. Norman, S. Tuttle, and K. Krafton)
Women in Astronomy (I contributed many entries from 2010 through 2016)
Community and Equity, Learning by Doing


How Departments Change: A Cautionary Example (2021, University of Maryland Physics Colloquium)
Effecting Change: Individual Actions and Leadership (2021, APS Annual Leadership Meeting)
Improving Racial Equity in Physics: The AIP TEAM-UP Report (2021, University of Oregon Physics Colloquium)
8.02 Online Mentoring Program (2020, MIT Teaching and Learning Lab Seminar)
Institutional Data for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (2018, STEMM Equality Congress, Amsterdam) and Slides
Advancing a Respectful Community (NIST Colloquium, 2016) and slides
Opening Remarks: A Community Dialogue Responding to Recent Tragedies (2016, MIT)
Introduction: Institute Diversity Summit (2014, MIT)
Creating a Thriving Physics Department for Students (2013, UC Berkeley Physics Colloquium)
Diversity and Excellence in Physics (2011, KITP Colloquium, UC Santa Barbara)
Concluding Remarks: Leaders in Science and Engineering, the Women of MIT (2011, MIT)
The Value of Mentoring (2010, MIT Mentoring Fair)


Diversifying Physics (2013, IOP Physics World)


8.02 Online Mentoring Program (2020, MIT Teaching and Learning Lab Seminar)
Systemic Change: TEAM-UP and Beyond (2020, AIP Assembly of Society Officers)
TEAM-UPís Recommendations on Systemic Change (2020, APS March Meeting)
Departments that Excel in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2019, MIT Astrophysics Colloquium)

Press coverage

Class Profile | Scientists as engaged citizens (December 2020, MIT SHASS)
The APS-IDEA Network Gathers Nearly 100 Inaugural Member (September 2020, APS News)
Space has a diversity problem ó and big institutions like universities can do something about it (8 July 2020, Space.com)
Yale astronomy students speak out against institutional racism (7 July 2020, Space.com)
Researcher to examine pandemicís effects on Black students (26 June 2020, Rowan University)
Task Force Urges ĎSystemic Changesí to Support African American Students in Physics APS News FYI: Science Policy News from AIP (March 2020)
Physicists propose $50M to support African American students (21 February 2020, NBC News)
Goal: Double the number of African Americans in physics and astronomy (1 February 2020, Physics Today)
Task force recommends US$50-million fund to bring African Americans into physics and astronomy (31 January 2020, Nature Careers)
Making physics and astronomy more welcoming to African-American students (13 January 2020, MIT News)

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