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Algae system transforms greenhouse emissions into green fuel

Berzin credits much of his success to MIT, where he collaborated with experts ranging from bioengineers to manufacturing specialists. Among his biggest supporters was Peter Cooper of MIT's Department of Facilities, who oversaw the cogeneration-plant installation. While there's no real opportunity for significant scale-up at MIT, the MIT "beta test" is demonstrating the system's technical viability and potential business advantage. "It's performing even better than we expected," said Cooper. "This new technology is an important and promising step toward addressing the global warming problem, and we’re pleased to be part of its launch.”

It’s hard not to find the algae system appealing. “If you look at this process from beginning to end, you’ve turned your pollution into storable green fuel,” said Berzin. “The technology is exciting because it touches on both energy and the environment in a unique way.”

—Nancy Stauffer
This research was supported by grants from the MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition.

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