Awards and Honors

Members of the MIT community have received accolades too numerous to list. Several of the most notable honors and awards won by MIT community members over the years are highlighted below.

Details about these and other awards are available from Institutional Research. To access the most current data, select the award from the dropdown on the top right side of the page.

  • John Bates Clark Medals—19
  • Fulbright Scholars—33
  • Guggenheim Fellows—197
  • MacArthur Fellows—77
  • Millennium Technology Prizes—2
  • National Academy of Engineering Members—631
  • National Academy of Medicine Members—56
  • National Academy of Sciences Members—237
  • National Medals of Science—59
  • National Medals of Technology and Innovation—29
  • Nobel Prizes—95
  • Pulitzer Prizes—6
  • A. M. Turing Awards—15

The title of Institute Professor is the highest honor awarded by the faculty and administration at MIT. There are currently 12 Institute Professors, and 11 Institute Professors emeriti.