MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVIII No. 5
May / June 2006
Meritocracy and a Diverse Faculty
A Brief History and Workings
of the MIT Corporation
Committees of the Faculty:
An End-of-Year Recap
Lippard and Sharp Awarded
National Medal of Science
Energy Research Council and Forum:
A Major New Institute Initiative
Efficient Use of Energy:
Part of MIT's New Energy Initiative
Fueling Our Transportation Future
Lighting a Fire in MIT's
Undergradute Education
Some Thoughts on the Arts
Reflections on the "Visualizing Cultures" Incident
On the "Visualizing Cultures" Controversy and its Implications
Communication Requirement
Evaluation Process Begins
A Modest Proposal:
A Dental Insurance Plan for All Students
New Resource on Faculty Website:
"Current Practices"
"Soft Skills" to Help Avoid the "Hard Knocks"
Computer Space Planning for MIT
Tops IT-SPARCC's Priority List
Seniors Report Increased Satisfaction
with Faculty Interaction
Smart Buy Purchasing Initiative
Primary Form of Support
for Doctoral Students
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Seniors Report Increased Satisfaction
with Faculty Interaction

Newsletter Staff

In March of this year, all undergraduate seniors were invited to complete an on-line satisfaction survey. This survey is administered at MIT every two years; this is the third administration. The survey asked students to describe their plans after college, to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their education, and to indicate how their abilities had changed since enrolling at MIT. The response rate was 61%. For each academic department with sufficient responses, a report with overall frequencies and charts was produced.

incremental cost over budget
Satisfaction with Aspects of Faculty Interaction (click on image to enlarge)

The chart summarizes senior satisfaction with several aspects of faculty interaction. In general, seniors reported higher levels of satisfaction in 2006 compared to previous years, with 84% being very satisfied or generally satisfied with their undergraduate education, and 78% with their social life on campus.

The survey was conducted by the Office of the Provost, Institutional Research. The overall Institute report for the 2006 Senior Survey is available at

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