MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XX No. 4
March / April 2008
Nuclear Disarmament Activities at MIT:
Rising from the Ashes
Difficult Times Ahead Require a Higher Level of Faculty Participation in Setting Policies
The World at 02139
Skills, Big Ideas, and Getting Grades
Out of the Way
Newsletter Elections to be Held this Spring
Spellings Commission on the Future of Higher Education Hints at National Standardized Testing for Universities
Is the Campaign for Students
Shortchanging Graduate Students?
Budget of the U.S. Government (FY2008)
Notre Dame; Cardinal
Student Culture: PSETs
Intentions and Outcomes: My Understanding of the Fall '07 Faculty Meetings
Comment on Professor Sanyal's response to my article "Finding Polaris and Changing Course"
The Task Force on Student Engagement:
A Path Forward
Faculty Statement of Support for the
Task Force on Student Engagement
Undergraduate Admissions (1957-2008)
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Faculty Statement of Support for the
Task Force on Student Engagement


We, the undersigned faculty members, consider the issues raised by student leaders to be important matters for the Institute.  We believe that it is crucial to take these concerns seriously in order to ensure they are adequately addressed.  We understand that there is great opportunity to strengthen community, improve decision-making, and educate student leaders.  As an educational institution, we should always take advantage of opportunities to support student learning and development.  We applaud the joint effort to address student concerns and look forward to seeing what progress we can make towards these goals.

Hal Abelson
Samuel Allen
John Belcher
Edmund Bertschinger
Isabelle de Courtivron
Jesus del Alamo
Rick Danheiser
Peter Diamond
Catherine Drennan
Steve Graves
Thomas Greytak
Diana Henderson
Paul Lagace
Helen Lee
John Little
Anne McCants
Dava Newman
Terry Orlando
Jim Orlin
David Pesetsky
Donald Sadoway
Warren Seering
Merritt Roe Smith
David Thorburn
Sheila Widnall
Nigel Wilson
JoAnne Yates

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