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Vol. XX No. 5
May / June 2008
Financing Undergraduate Education
MIT Faculty Survey: It's About Time
Berwick, Lee, and Orlin Elected to
FNL Editorial Board
Reconsidering the Value of Service to MIT
Confidentiality in Recruitment, Promotion, and Tenure Reviews
Provost Announces Faculty Renewal Program
Endowment Spending Policy at MIT
A New Approach to MIT's Financial Planning
A Primer on Indirect Costs
Changes in Engineering Education
Anthropologists Express Concern Over Government Plan to Support Military-Related Research in Universities
Reflections on Nominations and Elections for Faculty Officers and Commmittees at MIT
Initiative on Faculty Race and Diversity: Research Team and Effort Launched
The Man I Killed; Lise
Creating a Culture of Communication: Assessing the Implementation of the Undergraduate Communication Requirement
The Vision Thing
Lerman Now Dean for Graduate Education
The Spellings Commission Backs Off
Who Should Be Allowed to Speak
at Faculty Meetings?
from the 2008 Faculty Survey: Reasonableness of Workload
from the 2008 Faculty Survey:
Satisfaction with . . .
from the 2008 Faculty Survey:
Sources of Stress
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MIT Poetry

David Thorburn



was in his early 30s, rosaceous,
pocky, the Checker
on a Newark pier.  He said

I'll be respected
by New Jersey turds
like you reporters

and these Hoboken wankers
still wearing bog shit.
Don't you get it?

I said No pictures.
Later, off the wharf
the camera guy

used a telephoto lens
as I pointed, for my byline story,
Wildcat Strikers

Shut Port Newark.
The next week they found him
floating near a buoy

dead in Bayonne harbor
in a mess of bootleg whiskey
and my story in the paper.



Seeing the MGM lion roar
Lise complains she's seen this show before.

My father-in-law's live-in caretaker,
Haitian, tout douleur,

She knows Seventh Day Adventist lore
The perfidy of men, how to cure

Oppressive itching. Her
Cooking doesn't please him any more

But he likes her lilting French, her hair
And gentle hands, her living soapy spoor.


David Thorburn leaves the editorial board of the FNL with this issue but has agreed to continue as poetry editor. He is Professor of Literature and Director of the MIT Communications Forum. The above poems were first published in The Atlantic ("Lise") and in Slate ("The Man I Killed") and are reprinted by permission.
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