MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXI No. 2
November / December 2008
The State of the Institute?
A Call for Articles for Special Edition
Faculty Newsletter
The Renovation of 10-250: A Case Study
Worrying About Others: Notes on the Unfolding Financial Crisis
Please Vote!
A Perspective on the Future Energy Supply of the United States: The Urgent Need for Increased Nuclear Power
Can We Fix American Education During the Current Economic Crisis?
Open Access Publishing: The Future of Scholarly Journal Publishing
MIT Takes a Lead Role in Washington
Excerpts from Bosston
Requests for Proposals for Teaching and Education Enhancement
from the 2008 Classroom Survey
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A Call for Articles for Special Edition Faculty Newsletter


A Special Edition Faculty Newsletter, directed toward President-elect Obama and his administration, will be devoted to providing a forum for addressing issues of science and technology and for articulating clear strategies for their development in the twenty-first century.

The FNL Editorial Board has selected a set of topics and will be recruiting authors from our faculty. We plan to set aside space for additional unsolicited short (500 words) articles capturing the diversity of expertise and creative understanding represented among our faculty and their colleagues. 

If you are interested in authoring a piece for the Special Edition, please e-mail your topic and a one or two sentence summary of its content to We will get back to you with information on related articles. Deadline for proposed articles is December 23, and the final article must be completed by January 15.

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