MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXII No. 4
March / April / May 2010

This issue's editorial discusses new opportunities toward nuclear disarmament. We also feature a discussion with MIT Medical Director Bill Kettyle on the proposed changes in the Medical Department, and an article by the Chancellor and the three academic deans in which students are asked, "What's on Your Mind?"

walking in snow
MIT in Action in Haiti
Faculty Chair Tom Kochan offers an update on the work of faculty and students in bringing needed aid to Haiti.
Academic Integrity
Committee on Discipline Chair Sheila Widnall reviews some of the cases reviewed by the COD this year.
In Memoriam: Arthur C. Smith
MIT Chaplain Bob Randolph offers thoughts on the passing of MIT institution Art Smith.
Harvard Commencement
A candid photo from Harvard's commencement exercises.
New Opportunities Toward Nuclear Disarmament:
Reviving Faculty Roles?
Editorial Subcommittee
The recent April 9 signing by the U.S. and Russia of a revised START treaty was a welcome step in defusing hidden but intense dangers to international security.
Is President Obama Reducing the Probability of Nuclear War?
Aron Bernstein
On April 5, 2009 in Prague, President Obama announced his intention to work towards the long-range goal of total elimination of nuclear weapons, in accordance with . . .
MIT Medical Director Discusses Changes:
Community Care Center Proposed
The following discussion between MIT Medical Director William M. Kettyle (WMK) and the Faculty Newsletter (FNL) took place on April 21 of this year.
The MIT Medical Department 1901-2004: A Very Brief History
William M. Kettyle
The information presented in this brief account of the provision of medical care for the MIT community comes from a large file folder found in the files of the Medical . . .
From the Faculty Chair
MIT in Action in Haiti
Thomas A. Kochan
While the devastation in Haiti may have slipped off the front pages, colleagues at MIT continue to help our neighbors address their monumental challenges.
Academic Integrity
Sheila Widnall
Academic integrity is a core value of the culture at MIT. The faculty Committee on Discipline (COD) deals with instances of violations of academic integrity policy . . .
The Chancellor and Student Deans Ask Students to Share
"What's On Your Mind?"
Philip L. Clay, Costantino Colombo, Daniel E. Hastings, Steven R. Lerman
MIT students are eager to be involved in discussions of the key issues and challenges facing the Institute today. However, both real and perceived gaps have existed in . . .
In Memoriam
Arthur C. Smith
Robert M. Randolph
When Art Smith died last week, MIT lost a 50-year member of the community. When it comes to thinking about contributing members of the Institute, Art was always . . .
In Memoriam
Richard K. Yamamoto
Richard K. Yamamoto died October 16, 2009 at the age of 74 from complications related to lung cancer. Yamamoto, who was born and raised in Hawaii, entered . . .
New AT&T and Sprint Nextel Transmitters
Promise Better Cell Phone Coverage
Robyn Fizz, Joan Cyr
Information Services and Technology (IS&T) has been working with AT&T and Sprint Nextel to improve cell phone coverage at MIT by installing cellular transmitters on . . .
Graduate Fellows Build Community
Steven R. Lerman, Heather Fry
The Graduate Community Fellows Program, created by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), sponsors a cadre of graduate students who work on . . .
The Foremost Resource Students Need is Your Time
Allysa Piché
If you are reading this article, I would bet the balance on my loans to MIT that you had a mentor at some point. The importance of that individual or those individuals . . .
MIT Center for International Studies:
Student Training and Faculty Funding
The MIT Center for International Studies ( conducts research and training on a broad range of global issues. Founded in 1951 and with an illustrious . . .
MIT Finance Initiating Digital Tools and Services:
ePaystubs Available in June
In a recent e-mail to the MIT community, Vice President for Finance Israel Ruiz highlighted progress on a series of projects to move to digital administrative tools . . .
MIT Professional Education: Summer 2011 Short Course Proposals
MIT Professional Education – Short Programs (originally “Professional Institute”) celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. During the program’s long tenure, several . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
U.S. News & World Report: Graduate School Rankings 2001-2010