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Vol. XXIII No. 2
November / December 2010
MIT's Foreign Policy?; S3 & Institute Committees; Landscaping
MIT Promotion and Tenure Processes
Student Support Services:
Reorganized, Reviewed, and Redefined
Support the New START Treaty
MIT150: MIT Open House
Follows a Long Tradition
A Missed Opportunity: Saving Oil and Foreign Exchange with a Great Reducation in Emissions
Looking at the Numbers
Affordable Course Materials
Maintaining our Resolutions: Implementing the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy
Finding Appropriate Support for
Students with Disabilities
From a Whistle to a Hum: Facilities Upgrades Enhance the Resilience of the Campus Steam Distribution System
ICIS: International Center for
Integrative Systems
MIT EMS: A Student-Run Jewel
Stellar Next Generation
Work-Life Resources Now Available 24/7
Cost of Nuclear Energy is Misrepresented
No Mention of Geothermal Energy
Connect with MIT's Global Community
National Research Council (NRC) Finally Releases Doctoral Program Rankings
NRC 2010 Doctoral Program Rankings: Percent Ranked 1 in R or S Rankings
NRC 2010 Doctoral Program Rankings: Percent Ranked in Top 3 in R or S Rankings
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No Mention of Geothermal Energy

To The Faculty Newsletter:

I just received the Newsletter and read some of the articles, including your editorial, and I was very surprised about what you wrote. There is not a single mention of geothermal energy. This is in a way ironic, since of the major contributions to assess the potential of this domain is the 2006 report, “The Future of Geothermal Energy,” which was developed at MIT. This report is widely cited in the geothermal community and is usually referred to as the “MIT REPORT”!! It is like the other “clean energies” not without its problems, but given its potential and sustainability, it should have at least been mentioned.

I realize that it is not easy to write a brief editorial about such a complex problem, but a somewhat wider perspective might have been appropriate.

I am looking forward to getting your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Herbert H. Einstein
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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