MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXIII No. 5
May / June 2011

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter offers a report on an FNL-sponsored forum, "Can Nuclear Disarmament Become a Reality?" Outgoing Faculty Chair Tom Kochan takes a look at faculty governance at the Institute. Ernst Frankel offers some suggestions that might help prevent the tornado and hurricane tragedies our country has been experiencing.

walking in snow
An MIT Housing Dream
Finally Comes True

Former MIT Planning Director Bob Simha tells the arduous tale of attempts to build an off-campus MIT community.
Technology Enabled Transformation in the MIT Learning Experience
Our Teach Talk feature offers suggestions for Integrating living and learning through
technology-enabled, residence-based
Sam Allen New Chair of the Faculty
POSTCO Professor of Physical Metallurgy Samuel M. Allen is the new Chair of the MIT Faculty.
A Letter to the Class of 2011
Jonathan King, Aron Bernstein, John Belcher
Greetings to you, the graduates and your families! We share with the thousands of families gathered on the oval for MIT's 2011 commencement, the excitement . . . .
A Call for Nominations to Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board
Following procedures outlined in the Policies and Procedures of the MIT Faculty Newsletter, an Institute-wide election for new members of the FNL Editorial Board . . . .
An MIT Housing Dream Finally Comes True
O. R. Simha
The dream was to create a residence close to the campus where members of the MIT family, across the age spectrum, could build a convenient and comfortable community.
Can Nuclear Disarmament Become a Reality?
David Lewis
In 1963, Jerry Wiesner, at the time MIT Institute Professor and special assistant to President Kennedy, met with the President and explained to him that because of . . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Faculty Governance @ MIT: Strengths and Future Challenges
Thomas A. Kochan
Over the past two years I have come to appreciate the unique nature of the MIT governance structure and process. I would like to use my last column as . . . .
Report of the Faculty Policy Committee
Faculty Priorities for MIT
This term, members of the Faculty Policy Committee visited with faculty in a cross section of departments to gain an informal sense of the issues of greatest interest . . . .
Thanks to the 150th Staff
On behalf of the MIT faculty we want to thank the many staff, faculty, and students who worked tirelessly to organize and manage this year’s 150th Anniversary events.
Teach Talk
Technology Enabled Transformation in the MIT Learning Experience
Daniel Hastings, Hal Abelson, Vijay Kumar
Last fall, Provost Reif charged the MIT Council on Educational Technology (MITCET) to develop a strategy that would fundamentally enhance the educational . . . .
Interim Report on the HASS First-Year Focus Pilot Program,
to be Renamed the HASS Exploration Program
Jeffrey Ravel
Over the past several years, MIT faculty members have created classes in the humanities, arts, and social sciences geared specifically towards first-year . . . .
Sam Allen New Chair of the Faculty
Newsletter Staff
Samuel M. Allen, the POSCO Professor of Physical Metallurgy in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, will succeed Tom Kochan as Chair of the Faculty.
Preventing Utter Devastation in Tornado/Hurricane Prone Areas
Ernst Frankel
The utter destruction of homes and other buildings in Mississippi and other southern states, with an associated loss of lives and businesses, reopens an old question . . . .
MIT Subject Evaluations Now Online
Diana Henderson
As of fall 2010, MIT’s subject evaluation system went entirely online and a new “Who’s Teaching What” (WTW) Web-based application is now being used to improve the . . . .
MIT Class of 2015: Incoming Freshmen Stats
Center for Work, Family & Personal Life Changes Name
The Center for Work, Family & Personal Life has changed its name to the MIT Work-Life Center. “The change was a natural outgrowth of our plans to create new . . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Sponsored Research Expenditures (2001 – 2010)