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May / June 2013
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MIT Professional Education: Call for 2014 Summer Short Programs
from the 2013 Student Quality of Life Survey (Undergraduates)
from the 2013 Student Quality of Life Survey (Graduate Students)
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MIT Professional Education: Call for 2014 Summer Short Programs

Anna Mahr

MIT Professional Education - Short Programs (formerly "Professional Institute") will celebrate its 65th anniversary next year. To mark this important milestone and to allow us to continue to be a showcase of the best that MIT has to offer to industry and to the world, we are seeking new course offerings to add to our 2014 summer program schedule.

As an MIT faculty member, this could be a great opportunity for you to:

• Teach a course for industry professionals
• Increase industry exposure and possible support for your research
• Think of new industry applications
• Gain global application perspectives from international participants
• Earn attractive supplementary compensation or funds to support your program

Please find below more information about the program, including how you can propose a course. On the reverse side, you will find examples of past seasons' courses and faculty.

To help in the development of new courses, you may apply for a limited number of curriculum development grants (up to $7500 each) for short programs (3-5 days) that focus on recent MIT initiatives and/or subjects currently of high interest, such as manufacturing, transportation, and life sciences.

Suggested topics include big data, mobile computing, cyber security, robotics, and design of medical devices. Programs could also include policy and regulatory matters that affect the adoption of new technologies. Topics that might appeal to a wider, less technical audience are also most welcome. Examples include innovation, leadership, enterprise management, experimental design, data modeling, social media, etc. High priority will be given to courses for which there is high market interest and that provide the optimal combination of theory and applications, enabling working participants to readily apply newly-gained knowledge to their jobs.

MIT Professional Education - Short Programs has been offering short courses to professional audiences since 1949. Some of our most prominent faculty members continue to teach professional courses year after year. These courses, which can be team-taught, form an important bridge between MIT and industry, providing faculty with new connections into companies and professional communities. Successful programs generally focus on achieving an in-depth understanding of a topic with direct applicability to industry, and providing an overview of the latest advances in a given field. An MIT faculty member acts as program director and can recruit additional faculty from within and outside of MIT.

A template and additional instructions on teaching for Short Programs can be found at: (along with a list of current faculty, by department, and the courses they offer). Course proposals should be submitted by e-mail to no later than Tuesday, September 2, 2013.You will be notified if your course is accepted for our 2014 summer season by Oct 1. Additional course descriptions and details for accepted courses will be due on Oct. 15 for inclusion on our website.

If you have questions and/or want to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please feel free to call me at 617-253-6161 or e-mail me at

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