MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXVIII No. 3
January / February 2016

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on faculty governance at MIT. Our editorial and our From The Faculty Chair feature discuss both pros and cons of the current system.

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Is This Really Who We Are?
Prof. Sally Haslanger discusses MIT's failure to divest from fossil fuel companies from an ethics perspective.
Introducing Sandbox
Dean of Engineering Ian Waitz explains the new Sandbox Innovation Fund Program.
A Critical Look at the Plan
for MIT's East Campus

Former MIT Planning Director Bob Simha evaluates MITIMCo's latest construction plans.
Improving Faculty Governance For Changing Times
Editorial Subcommittee
In this issue, Faculty Chair Prof. Krishna Rajagopal describes in detail the role of the Standing Committees of the Faculty in ensuring a smooth governance process for . . .
Is This Really Who We Are?
Sally Haslanger
I am not writing to criticize MIT’s decision not to divest from fossil fuel. I disagree with it, but that is not my point. I am also impressed by many elements of “A Plan for . . .
Constraints on Civilian R&D Budgets
From Excessive Pentagon Spending
Jonathan King, Frederick P. Salvucci, Aron Bernstein
In December 2015, Congress adopted its Omnibus Budget Bill, appropriating $1.15 trillion for federal spending in the coming budget year. We can take some comfort . . .
From the Faculty Chair
The Roles of the Standing Committees of the Faculty
in the Governance of MIT
Krishna Rajagopal
In the May/June 2011 issue of the Faculty Newsletter, then Chair of the Faculty Prof. Thomas Kochan wrote a wonderful column entitled “Faculty Governance @ MIT: . . .
Introducing Sandbox
Ian A. Waitz
Starting this semester, a new educational program will be available to all 11,000 of MIT’s students. Called the Sandbox Innovation Fund Program (“Sandbox” for short) . . .
A Critical Look at the Plan for MIT's East Campus
O. R. Simha
Much of the discussion about the East Campus so far has been about feel-good things. An exciting addition to the Kendall Square eco system; a new source of Endowment . . .
Our Faculty Agenda
Rafael L. Bras
The faculty of MIT is a very diverse group who see the Institute through the lenses of schools and units with different cultures and experiences. The above is the . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
MIT Campus Research Expenditures