MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXX No. 1
September / October 2017

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter includes commentary on the issue of graduate student housing at MIT (see Editorial). We also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty Newsletter with a brief history, and mourn the passing of former MIT President Paul Gray (pictured below).

walking in snow
Teach Talk: How Deeply
Are Our Students Learning?

Seven MIT faculty members present evidence that something may be lacking in the teaching/learning process.
A Hole in the Flag
Haynes Miller seeks some important answers to questions regaarding the closing of Senior House.
DACA Issues; Grad Housing Struggle; Steve Lippard Retirement; Verghese Gift; Call for Nominations
The summer months have been dominated by President Trump’s pronouncements on various policy issues of national significance. Most relevant to MIT is the fate of . . .
A Brief History of the MIT Faculty Newsletter
as it Marks 30th Anniversary
John Belcher, Jonathan King
This coming year will mark the 30th anniversary of the “zeroth” issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter (FNL). The FNL was founded in response to the decision of then . . .
From the Faculty Chair
The Fundamental Challenge Facing Higher Education Today
Susan S. Silbey
As word of my forthcoming service as Chair of the Faculty traveled, several colleagues offered congratulations. Others offered commiseration. A few asked me what I . . .
A Hole in the Flag
Haynes Miller
There is a flagpole outside my office window in Lowell Court, from which the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts flutters. I noticed yesterday that the flag is . . .
Teach Talk
How Deeply Are Our Students Learning?
Dennis Freeman, Sanjoy Mahajan, Warren Hoburg, David Darmofal,
Woodie Flowers, Gerald Sussman, Sanjay Sarma
We write about a long-standing global issue related to students’ mastery of fundamental STEM knowledge. Namely, when students are asked questions that test deep . . .
Thank You From the MIT Alumni Association
Joe L. McGonegal
The mission of the MIT Alumni Association is to connect MIT’s 137,000 living alumni with one another and with the Institute, a commitment we take seriously for alumni . . .
Nominate a Colleague as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Provost Martin Schmidt is calling for nominations of faculty as 2018 MacVicar Faculty Fellows.The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program recognizes MIT faculty . . .
Request for Proposals for Innovative Curricular Projects
The Vice Chancellor is currently soliciting proposals for the d’Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in Education for MIT faculty-led projects that strengthen undergraduate . . .
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
The Faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
M.I.T. Numbers
Postdoctoral Scholars By International Status and Ethnicity
M.I.T. Numbers
Citizenship of Postdoctoral Scholars