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Vol. XXXI No. 2
November / December 2018
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Ethical Obligations of Universities
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Ethics and Liberal Arts in the
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Update on Construction Across Campus
Lamenting MIT's New Web Portal
On The Transition to Retirement
Hypothesizing About Stephen Hawking
Questioning the New MIT Website
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Hypothesizing About Stephen Hawking


To The Faculty Newsletter:

I enjoy reading each issue of the Faculty Newsletter, and so was surprised to read an article making unsubstantiated insinuations about Stephen Hawking (“Stephen Hawking: The Eminent Physicist vs. The Media Myth,” Vol. XXXI No. 1). I have no dog in that particular fight, but the article contrasted particularly strongly with the piece just a few pages earlier about "beliefs based on objective truth rather than on volitional belief." Any writer is entitled to his or her opinions, but it seems curious to publish them without having provided some basis in fact.

Nonetheless, I remain an interested reader.


Ian Crossfield
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

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