MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXXII No. 2
November / December 2019
The Right to Vote; Prof. Woodie Flowers;
Undermining the Institute Professorships
A Bookstore Without Books
“A Peculiar MIT Concoction”:
Our System of Faculty Governance – Part I
The Schwarzman College of Computing: Giving Back
Woodie Flowers
Unintended Downsides to Recent Changes
to the P/NR Policy
What We and Our Students Value
A Peek Inside the Random Faculty Dinners
Comments at MIT Institute Faculty Meeting
September 18, 2019
An Open Letter to MIT Department Heads
Reflections on Epstein and MIT
Update on MIT’s Open Access Policy and
Continued Negotiations With Publishers
2019-2020 Academic Calendar Changes
Angered By Recent FNL Editorial
Back in 1949
Campus Research Expenditures FY 2019 (%)
Campus Research Expenditures FY 2019 ($)
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Angered By Recent FNL Editorial

Robert A. Weinberg

I am truly appalled by the editorial that was published in the recent Faculty Newsletter (“September Faculty Meeting Calls for Major Changes in Institute Policy,” Vol. XXXII No. 1), in which the editorial ended with “Though there was a call for the resignation of President Reif alone, we think that much of the senior leadership share the blame for the rot that has set in, and that there will be calls for other resignations in the days to come.” To my mind, this inflammatory bullshit should provoke calls for the members of the editorial board of the Faculty Newsletter to resign. Who are they to say that the Institute is afflicted by rot?

There was clearly a breakdown in the policies used by the Institute to vet donors. But as usual, it is far easier to cast stones and react with outraged indignation than to rationally examine what actually happened and what was on the minds of those who did or did not approve of these donations. These minor considerations were clearly not on the minds of those who penned this extraordinarily irresponsible editorial.  (Would the response have been any different if a major donor had been revealed as a molester of boys, and if that donor and donation would have been equally inappropriate? How does the currently outraged indignation relate in any way to the purportedly inappropriate attitudes of administrators to the women on our faculty?) 

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