MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXXII No. 4
March / April 2020
I. Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak;
II. Lemonade from Lemons: Making the Most out of our Current Crisis; III. Publication Policies of the FNL; IV. Professor Rajagopal Joins Human Rights Council
Education in the Time of Covid-19
Coronavirus Structure, Vaccine
and Therapy Development
Notes from the MIT Town Hall
Introducing an Institute-Wide
Referendum at MIT
PKG Center Connects MIT Students
with Broader Community Needs
Questioning Structure
of the Faculty Newsletter
Women at MIT 1962-2020
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Questioning Structure of the Faculty Newsletter

Robert A. Weinberg

To The Faculty Newsletter:

I wonder sometimes whether there is any pretense that the Faculty Newsletter attempts to represent the general sentiments of our faculty or, instead, the crusading and tendentious spirit of a couple of its Editorial Board members? Maybe even one of them?

Who chose the membership of this Editorial Board, and why/how can they have the pretense of representing sentiments that are widely spread among the faculty?

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