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James Glettler
Elysian Audio

History of Elysian Audio

Ancient History

When I was in 7th grade circa 1995, I created Vapor Technologies. I was attempting to talk with major electronic component companies, but saying I was in middle school wasn't very productive. This was the time that I started to build my own electronics instead of building kits. Vapor Technologies was a front that let me talk to companies.

I used Vapor Technologies for a number of years to sample parts from various companies, as well as to subscribe to industry periodicals. When I started reading Electrical Engineering Times, Electronic Design News, eWeek and so forth, I didn't understand many things. Over the years I was able to pick up a great deal of understanding.

Elysian Audio

During my senior year in high school, I spent a lot of time focusing on electro-acoustics and high fidelity sound reproduction systems. I thought at the time that Vapor Technologies was somewhat unprofessional and I was looking forward to attending college. It was here that I changed the name to Elysian Audio.

I had just finished constructing the Pyramid Loudspeakers and was starting to plan an electrostatic loudspeaker system. I intended Elyian Audio to become a professional audiophile grade audio equipment company. I had fallen in love with large audio installations. I decided until I could make Elysian Audio a company, I would use it as a brand and make a website to publish ideas.


It turned out that I love large engineering projects of all kinds. Sadly, the audiophile market is full of snake oil and outright fraud. The market is much smaller than the main consumer market but the stakes are much higher. Often, the large engineering systems (in the audiophile market) that looked so good, were severe overkill or even based on false principles.

Once I started at the University of Michigan, I had very little time to spend on audio projects. Between the time constraints and the disillusion I had with the audiophile market, Elysian Audio as a company has stagnated. But I continue to use the brand to publish my own personal website as well as electronic and audio ideas. I've got a lot of good feedback over the years and I still hope one day to do some more audio work.