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Mouse Phenotype Core (G)
Mouse Line Phenotype Analysis Results and Timeline


This Core is determining the phenotype of mouse strains produced by the Mouse Transgenics Core (F) and of certain existing strains contributed by Participating Investigators. Mice strains are selected by the Steering Committee for their relevance to the Consortium. Standard tests and assays are conducted by four Sub-Cores in the areas of hematology, histology, metabolism, behavior and immune function. The assays include basic behavior, neural function, muscular function, and histologic assessment of organ structure, as well as function of the liver, heart, lung, vasculature, kidneys, and blood cell production, coagulation and homeostasis. The development and function of the innate and acquired immune systems are also studied. Data are being deposited in the Central Database. These studies are providing essential information for pursuing the programís Specific Aims toward defining the functions of glycan-binding proteins (GBPs), glycosyltransferases (GTs), and GBP-ligand relationships.

Specific Objectives
  • Phenotype mice bearing altered GBP and GT genes
  • Breed and supply mice for the Immunology and Metabolism/Behavior Sub-Cores
  • Prepare phenotypic data profiles for transfer to the Information and Bioinformatics Core (B)

Core G Team
  • Jamey Marth and Sally Orr, Coordinators
  • Sally Orr, Director of Immunology Sub-Core
  • Tricia Deane, Immunology Sub-Core Technician
  • Samantha Kaufman, Mouse Wrangler
  • Jeffrey Long, Director of Metabolism/Behavior Sub-Core
  • Alana Lozada, Metabolism/Behavior Sub-Core Technician
  • Nissi Varki, Director of Histology Sub-Core
  • Lucie Kim, Histology Sub-Core Technician
  • Dzung Le, Director of Hematology/Coagulation Sub-Core
  • David Ditto, Hematology/Coagulation Sub-Core Technician

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