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Mouse Transgenics Core (F)
Available Mouse Lines


This Core is generating up to 8 new mouse strains with deleted or altered genes coding for glycan-binding proteins (GBPs) and glycosyltransferases each year. New mouse strains are provided to the Mouse Phenotype Core (G) for phenotype analysis, and their availability is posted on the website. Breeding pairs are sent to investigators both within and outside of the Consortium upon approval by the Steering Committee. Information and the timeline for the construction of novel mouse strains is being deposited in the Central Database.

Specific Objectives

  • Generate new knockout and knockin mice to ablate or alter the functions of selected GBP and glycosyltransferase genes
  • Acquire and maintain existing knockout or transgenic strains of interest to the program
  • Implement 'speed genomics' for accelerated backcrossing of the genetic trait into a fixed genetic background (C57BL/6)
  • Direct and monitor breeding of mouse strains by The Scripps Research Institute custom breeding program
  • Supply mice to the Mouse Phenotype Core (G) for phenotypic analysis
  • Prepare mRNA from mouse tissues for the Gene Micorarray Core (E)
  • Distribute mice to Participating Investigators at the direction of the Steering Committee

Core F Team
  • Jim Paulson and Jamey Marth, Coordinators
  • Peter Sobieszczuk, Director
  • Matthew Fowler, Administrtive Assistant
  • Duong-Polk Xuandao (Karen), Colony Maintenance and Genetic Analysis
  • Julia Kim, Colony Maintenance and Genetic Analysis
  • Stella Kim, Vector Construction and Genetic Analysis
  • Bo Ma, Vector Construction and Genetic Analysis
  • Beth Ford, Director, TSRI Animal Services
  • Sergey Kupriyanov, Director, TSRI Mouse Genetics Core
  • Phil Ordoukhanian, Director, TSRI Nucleic Acids Core
  • Greg Martin, Research Assistant, TSRI Gene Targeting Lab

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