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Gene Microarray Core (E)
Glyco-gene Chip Data

Glyco-gene Chip Gene List


This Core has developed a custom oligonucleotide microarray (Glyco-gene chip) corresponding to human and murine glycan-binding protein (GBP) genes, glycosyltransferase genes, and other genes relevant to this project. This Core is also screening gene expression using mRNAs provided by Participating Investigators and the Mouse Transgenics Core (F).  All primary and processed data obtained from the gene expression screening experiments are being deposited into the Central Database.  Details concerning the genes represented and oligonucleotide sequences on the arrays is accessible to the public on the Consortium website. As new GBP and glycosyltransferase gene sequences become available they will be added to the chip. Glyco-gene chips are available for distribution to investigators both within and outside of the Consortium upon approval by the Steering Committee.

Specific Objectives
  • Create a Glyco-gene chip with a unique set of human and murine probes containing all GBP, glycosyltransferase, and other gene sequences relevant to this project.  Approximately 1000 human and 700 mouse gene targets are represented on the Glyco-gene chip.
  • Update chips on a regular basis.  As new GBP and glycosyltransferase gene sequences become available they will be added to the chip.
  • Coordinate with the Mouse Transgenics Core (F) to conduct gene expression analysis on mRNA samples prepared from tissues of wild type and knockout mice.
  • Conduct gene expression analysis for Participating Investigators who prepare mRNA samples from tissues or cells and submit them for gene expression analysis.
  • Provide Glyco-gene chips (upon approval by the Steering Committee) to other investigators within and outside of the Consortium who wish to perform either the hybridization step or complete analysis themselves.

Core E Team
  • Jim Paulson, Coordinator
  • Steven Head, Director, TSRI DNA Array Core
  • Tim Gilmartin, Gene Chip Design, Sample Processing
  • Thomas Whisenant, RNA Sample Processing, Liaison to the Mouse Genetics Core
  • Tony Mondala, Staff Support, Liaison to Participating Investigators

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