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HASTS graduates go on to teach in universities in tenure-track positions, and HASTS alumni currently teach at Bates College, Boston College, Cornell, Dartmouth Medical School, Harvard University, KAIST, MIT, the National University of Singapore, Olin College of Engineering, and UCLA, among other schools. Other graduates have chosen to apply their scholarly training to work in journalism, science policy, law, and business.

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Name Dissertation Current Affiliation

Lauren Kapsalakis

The Loss of Integration Vs. Unity in Diversity: American Anthropology in the 1970s and 1980s and the Founding of the Society for Cultural Anthropology
Sept. 2022 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Rijul Kochhar

Antibiotic Resistance, Planetary Crisis, and Bacteriophage Futures in the 21st Century
Sept. 2022 | Advisor: Michael M.J. Fischer

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Crystal Lee

Sensory Encounters in the Age of Computation
Sept. 2022 | Advisor: Graham Jones


Marc Aidinoff

A More Updated Union: A History of New Liberals and Their New Computers in the New New South
Feb. 2022 | Advisor: David Kaiser

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Richard Fadok

In Life's Likeness: Biomimicry and the Imitation of Nature
Feb. 2022 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

University of Pennsylvania


Jia Hui Lee

Interstitial Intelligence: Human-Rodent Sensing, Cognition, and Work in Morogoro, Tanzania
Sept. 2021 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Haverford College

Rodrigo Ochigame

Remodeling Rationality: An Inquiry into Unorthodox Modes of Logic and Computation
Sept. 2021 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Leiden University

Luísa Reis Castro

Vectors of Health: Epidemics, Ecologies, and the Reinvention of Mosquito Science in Brazil
Sept. 2021 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

University of Southern California


Erik Stayton

Humanizing Autonomous Futures: Engineers' and Social Scientists' Strategies to Realize Robotic Cars
Sept. 2020 | Advisor: David Mindell

Alliance Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley

Claire Webb

Technologies of Perception: Searches for Life and Intelligence Beyond Earth
Sept. 2020 | Advisor: David Kaiser

USC-Berggruen Institute Fellow


Ashawari Chaudhuri

The Kernel of Doubt: Agricultural Biotechnology, Braided Temporalities, and Agrarian Environments in India
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: Michael M.J. Fischer

Cornell University

Clare Kim

The Subjects of Modernism: Mathematics, Art, and the Politics of Value in Twentieth-Century United States
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: David Kaiser

University of Illinois Chicago

Alison Laurence

Afterlives of Extinction: The Politics of Display in the Modern United States
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Stanford University

Lucas Mueller

Toxic Relationships: Health and the Politics of Science and Trade in the Postcolonial World
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

University of Geneva

Peter Oviatt

Truffle Crops and Soil Drugs: New Fungal Practices and Epistemologies for the 21st Century
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: Heather Paxson

Beth Semel

Speech, Signal, Symptom: Machine Listening and the Remaking of Psychiatric Assessment
Sept. 2019 | Advisor: Graham Jones

Princeton University

Grace Kim-Butler

The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technoscientific Re-Enchantment: Recasting Light, Colloids, and Microbes for Art and Heritage Conservation in U.S. and Italian Laboratories
Feb. 2019 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Utrecht University

Burcu Mutlu

Transnational Biopolitics and Family-Making in Secrecy: An Ethnography of Reproductive Travel from Turkey to Northern Cyprus
Feb. 2019 | Advisor: Heather Paxson

Ozyegin University


Nicole Labruto

The Plantation Network: Brazilian Bioenergy Science and Sustainability in the Global South
Sept. 2018 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Johns Hopkins University

Ryan Shapiro

Bodies at War: National Security in American Controversies over Animal & Human Experimentation from WWI to the War on Terror
Sept. 2018 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Property of the People


Renée Blackburn

Highway Madness!: Politics and Citizen Participation in Postwar US Traffic Safety Technology and Policy
Sept. 2017 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

US DOT Volpe Center

Marie Burks

Meditations in an Emergency: Social Scientists and the Problem of Conflict in Cold War America
Sept. 2017 | Advisor: Christopher Capozzola

Hilary Robinson

Making a Digital Working Class: Uber Drivers in Boston, 2016-2017
Sept. 2017 | Advisor: Susan Silbey

Northeastern University

Shira Shmuely

The Bureaucracy of Empathy: Vivisection and the Question of Animal Pain in Britain, 1876-1912
Sept. 2017 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Tel Aviv University

Amy Johnson

Twitter and the Body Parodic: Global Acts of Re-creation and Recreation
June 2017 | Advisor: Graham Jones

Amherst College

Anna Wexler

Sparking Controversy: The Contested Use of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
June 2017 | Advisor: Susan Silbey

University of Pennsylvania


Amah Edoh

Doing Dutch Wax Cloth: Practice, Politics, and "The New Africa"
Sept. 2016 | Advisor: Christine Walley

Shreeharsh Kelkar

Platformizing Higher Education: Computer Science and the Making of MOOC Infrastructure
Sept. 2016 | Advisor: Graham Jones

University of California, Berkeley

Caterina Scaramelli

Swamps into Wetlands: Water, Conservation Science and Nationhood in Turkey
Sept. 2016 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Boston University

Mitali Thakor

Algorithmic Detectives Against Child Trafficking: Data, Entrapment, and the New Global Policing Network
Sept. 2016 | Advisor: Heather Paxson

Wesleyan University

Michaela Thompson

Governing the Shark: Predators and People in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
Sept. 2016 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo


Lan Li

Intimate Cartographies: Body Maps and the Epistemic Encounter in China and Britain, 1893-1985
June 2016 | Advisor: Emma Teng

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Canay Özden-Schilling

Economy Electric: Techno-Economics, Neoliberalism, and Electricity in the United States
June 2016 | Advisor: Mike Fischer

National University of Singapore

Tom Özden Schilling

Salvage Cartographies: Mapping, Futures, and Landscapes in Northwest British Columbia
June 2016 | Advisor: Mike Fischer

Johns Hopkins University


Teasel Muir-Harmony

Project Apollo, Cold War Diplomacy and the American Framing of Global Interdependence
Sept. 2014 | Advisor: David Mindell

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Rebecca Perry

Rigging the World: 3D Modeling and the Seduction of the Real
Sept. 2014 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Epic Games

David Singerman

Inventing Purity in the Atlantic Sugar World, 1860-1930
Sept. 2014 | Advisor: David Kaiser

University of Virginia

Emily Wanderer

Making Biosecurity, Making Mexico: An Ethnography of Biological Invasion
Sept. 2014 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

University of Pittsburgh

Benjamin Wilson

Insiders and Outsiders: Nuclear Arms Control Experts in Cold War America
Sept. 2014 | Advisor: David Kaiser

Harvard University

Nathaniel Deshmukh Towery

Changed Climate: Networking, Professionalization, and Grassroots Organizing in U.S. Environmental Organizations
June 2014 | Advisor: Susan Silbey

Volpe - The National Transportation Systems Center

Ellan Spero

Institutes for Innovation: The Emergence of Academic-Industrial Cooperation and Narratives of Progress in the Early 20th Century
June 2014 | Advisor: Anne McCants



Laurel Braitman

Animal Madness: A Natural History of Disorder
Sept. 2013 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Stanford University

Shekhar Krishnan

Empire's Metropolis: Money Time & Space in Colonial Bombay, 1870-1940
Sept. 2013 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

Maharashtra State Police; Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Alma Steingart

Conditional Inequalities: American Pure and Applied Mathematics, 1940-1975
Sept. 2013 | Advisor: David Kaiser

Columbia University

Rebecca Woods

The Herds Shot Round the World: Native Breeds and the British Empire, 1800-1900
Sept. 2013 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

University of Toronto


Peter Doshi

Influenza: a study of contemporary medical politics
Sept. 2011 | Advisor: Theodore Postol

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy / The BMJ

Lisa Messeri

Placing Outer Space: An Earthly Ethnography of Other Worlds
Sept. 2011 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Yale University

Michael Rossi

The Rules of Perception: American Color Science, 1831-1931
Sept. 2011 | Advisor: David Jones

University of Chicago

Sara Wylie

Corporate Bodies and Chemicals Bonds: An STS analysis of Natural Gas Development in the United States
Sept. 2011 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Northeastern University

Xaq Frohlich

Accounting for Taste: Regulating Food Labeling in the 'Affluent Society', 1945-1995
June 2011 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

Auburn University


Orkideh Behrouzan

Prozŕk Diaries: Post-Rupture Subjectivities and Psychiatric Futures
Sept. 2010 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

SOAS University of London

Nicholas Buchanan

Negotiating Nature: Expertise and Environment in the Klamath River Basin
Sept. 2010 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

University of Freiburg

Candis Callison

More Information Is Not the Problem: Spinning Climate Change, Vernaculars, and Emergent Forms of Life
Sept. 2010 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

The University of British Columbia

Chihyung Jeon

Technologies of the Operator: Engineering the Pilot in the U.S. and Japan, 1930-1960
Sept. 2010 | Advisor: David Mindell

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Sophia Roosth

Crafting Life: A Sensory Ethnography of Fabricated Biologies
Sept. 2010 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

New York University (NYU)


Alexander Brown

Accidents, Engineering and History at NASA: 1967-2003
2009 | Advisor: David Mindell

Network for Learning

Kieran Downes

From Enthusiasm to Practice: Users, Systems, and Technology in High-End Audio
2009 | Advisor: David Kaiser

Downes Guitars, LLC

Richa Kumar

The Yellow Revolution in Malwa: Alternative Arenas of Struggle and the Cultural Politics of Development
2009 | Advisor: Kenneth Keniston

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Jamie Pietruska

Propheteering: A Cultural History of Prediction in the Gilded Age
2009 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Rutgers University


Anita Say Chan

The Promiscuity of Freedom: Development and Governance the Age of Neoliberal Networks
2008 | Advisor: Sherry Turkle

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anya Zilberstein

Planting Improvement: The Rhetoric and Practice of Scientific Agriculture in Northern British America, 1670-1820
2008 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Concordia University

Etienne Benson

The Wired Wilderness: Electronic Surveillance and Environmental Values in Conservation Biology
2008 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Esra Ozkan

Executive Coaching: Crafting a Versatile Self in Corporate America
2008 | Advisor: Michael Fischer



Natasha Myers

Modeling Proteins, Making Scientists: An Ethnography of Pedagogy and Visual Cultures in Contemporary Structural Biology
2007 | Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

York University

Margaret Hiesinger

Those Who Don't Know: Modernity, Risk, and Transition in Hanoi's Local Markets
2007 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

The Human Nature Center

Anne Pollock

Medicating Race: Heart Disease and Durable Preoccupations with Difference
2007 | Advisor: David Jones

King's College London

Peter Shulman

Empire of Energy: Environment, Geopolitics, and American Technology before the Age of Oil
2007 | Advisor: David Kaiser

Case Western Reserve University

Nathan Greenslit

Pharmaceutical Relationships: Intersections of Illness, Fantasy and
Capital in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
2007 | Advisor: Michael Fischer



Hyun Gyung Im

Temporal Coordination in Distributed Work
2006 | Advisor: Joanne Yates

Seoul National University Asia Center

Jenny Leigh Smith

The Soviet Farm Complex: Industrial Agriculture in a Socialist Context, 1946-1965
2006 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Livia Wick

Making Lives Under Closure: Birth and Medicine in Palestine's Waiting Zones
2006 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

American University of Beirut


Aslihan Sanal

Flesh Yours, Bones Mine:  The making of the biomedical subject in Turkey
2005 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

Harvard Medical School

David Lucsko

Manufacturing Muscle: The Hot Rod Industry and the American Fascination with Speed, 1915-1984
2005 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Auburn University

Eden Medina

The State Machine: Politics, Ideology and Computation in Chile, 1964-1973
2005 | Advisor: David Mindell


Shane Hamilton

"Trucking Country: Food Politics and the Transformation of Rural Life in Postwar America"
2005 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

University of York

Wen-Hua Kuo

"Japan and Taiwan in the Wake of Bio-Globalization: Drugs, Race and Standards"
2005 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


Chen-Pang Yeang

"Characterizing Radio Channels: The Science and Technology of Propagation and Interference, 1900-1935"
2004 | Advisor: David Mindell

University of Toronto

Rachel Prentice

"Bodies of Information: Reinventing Bodies and Practice in Medical Education"
2004 | Advisor: Sherry Turkle

Cornell University

William Turkel

"The Archive of Place: Environment and the Contested Past of a North American Plateau"
2004 | Advisor: Harriet N. Ritvo

University of Western Ontario

Babak Ashrafi

"Making and Remaking Quantum Field Theory"
2003 | Advisor: Evelyn Fox Keller

Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Brendan P. Foley

"Fighting Engineers: The U.S. Navy and Mechanical Engineering, 1840-1905"
2003 | Advisor: David Mindell

Lund University

Timothy Wolters

"Managing a Sea of Information: Shipboard Command and Control in the U.S. Navy, 1899-1945"
2003 | Advisor: David Mindell

Iowa State University


Barbara Masi

"The Impact of 'Strategic Initiatives' on Structure, Governance and Resource Allocation in U.S. Research Universities"
2002 | Advisors: Louis Bucciarelli and John Van Maanen

University of Rochester

Heinrich Schwarz

"Techno-Territories: The Spatial, Technological and Social Reorganization of Office Work"
2002 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

Schwarz Innovation, Hamburg

Kaushik Sunder Rajan

"Bio Capital: The Constitution of Post-Genomic Life"
2002 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

University of Chicago

Kendall Hoyt

"The Role of Military-Industrial Relations in the History of Vaccine Development"
2002 | Advisor: David Mindell

Dartmouth Medical School


Benjamin W. Pinney

"Projects, Management, and Protean Times: Engineering Enterprise in the United States, 1870-1960"
2001 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Johnson Controls

Eric D. Kupferberg

"The Expertise of Germs: Practice, Language and Authority in American Bacteriology, 1899-1924"
2001 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

Northeastern University / Harvard School of Public Health

Eric W. Sievers

"Sustainable Development and Comprehensive Capital: The Post-Soviet Decline of Central Asia"
2001 | Advisor: Peter Perdue

ClonBio Group Limited / Ethanol Europe/ Danube Energy Ventures

Gregory J. Galer

"Forging Ahead: The Ames Family of Easton, Massachusetts and Two Centuries of Industrial Enterprise, 1635-1861"
2001 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Association for Preservation Technology International

Robert Martello

"Paul Revere's Metallurgical Ride: Craft and Proto-Industry in Early America"
2001 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Olin College of Engineering


Karin Ellison

"Making of a Multiple Purpose Dam: Engineering Culture, US Bureau of Reclamation, and Grand Coulee Dam, 1917-1942"
2000 | Advisor: Deborah Fitzgerald

Arizona State University

Hannah L. Landecker

"Technologies of Living Substance: Tissue Culture and Cellular Life in 20th Century Biomedicine"
1999 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

UCLA Department of Sociology

Patricia P. Bentley

"Genetic Manipulation: The Paradox of Control in a Flexible Corporation"
2000 | Advisor: Hugh Gusterson

MIT Sloan

Christopher M. Kelty

"Scale and Convention: Programmed Language in a Regulated America"
2000 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics


Gregory K. Clancey

"Foreign Knowledge or Art Nation, Earthquake Nation: Architecture, Seismology, Carpentry, the West, and Japan, 1876-1923"
1999 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

National University of Singapore

Linda Eikmeier Endersby

"Expositions, Museums, and Technological Display: Building Cultural Institutions for the 'Inventor Citizen' in the Late 19th Century United States"
1999 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

Museum of Art & Archaeology

Vyacheslav Gerovitch

"Speaking Cybernetically: The Soviet Remaking of an American Science"
1999 | Advisor: Loren Graham


Diane M. Greco

"Finding a Form: The Study of Terrestrial Magnetism at Goettingen, 1818-1839"
1999 | Advisor: Jed Buchwald

Boston University

Jennifer L. Mnookin

"Images of Truth: Evidence, Expertise and Technologies of Knowledge in the American Courtroom"
1999 | Advisor: Michael Fischer

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Rebecca M. Herzig

"In the Name of Truth: Sacrificial Ideals and American Science, 1870-1930"
1998 | Advisor: Leo Marx

Bates College


Roberta E. Bivins

"The Needle and the Lancet: British Acupuncture and the Cross-Cultural Transmission of Medical Knowledge"
1997 | Advisor: Harriet Ritvo

University of Warwick

Russell Olwell

"Atomic Workers, Atomic City: Labor and Community in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1942-1950"
1997 | Advisor: Christian Appy

Eastern Michigan University


David A. Mindell

"'Datum for its Own Annihilation': Feedback, Control, and Computing, 1916-1945"
1996 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith


Joel Genuth

"The Local Origins of United States National Science Policy"
1996 | Advisor: Loren Graham

Sara E. Wermiel

"Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Development of the Fireproof Building in the United States, 1790-1911"
1996 | Advisor: Robert Fogelson

MIT, Independent scholar

Antonio José Junqueira Botelho

"Professional Against the State: French Electronics Policy in Historical Perspective"
1996 | Advisor: Charles Sabel

Instituto Universitário de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro (Iuperj) Universidade Cândido Mendes (UCAM)


Brian O'Donnell, S.J.

"The Spindles Stop: Lowell, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire Respond to the Collapse of the New England Textile Industry"
1995 | Advisor: Merritt Roe Smith

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Parish

George O'Har

"Shipbuilding, Markets, and Technological Change in East Boston"
1995 | Advisor: Leo Marx

Brownstone Institute

Jessica Wang

"American Science in an Age of Anxiety: Scientists, Civil Liberties, and the Cold War, 1945-1950"
1995 | Advisor: Charles Weiner

University of British Columbia

David M. Hart

"Competing Conceptions of the Liberal State and the Governance of Technological Innovation in the United States, 1933-1953"
1995 | Advisor: Ira Katznelson

George Mason University


Wade Roush

"Catastrophe and Control: How Technological Disasters Enhance Democracy"
1994 | Advisor: Charles Weiner



David H. Guston

"The Social Contract for Science: Congress, the National Institutes of Health, and the Boundary Between Politics and Science"
1993 | Advisor: Eugene Skolnikoff

Arizona State University


Bruce Bimber

"Institutions and Information: The Politics of Expertise in Congress"
1992 | Advisor: Charles Stewart

University of California, Santa Barbara


Gary Herrigel

"Industrial Organization and the Politics of Industry: Centralized and Decentralized Production in Germany"
1990 | Advisor: Charles Sabel

University of Chicago


AnnaLee Saxenian

"The Political Economy of Industrial Adaptation in Silicon Valley"
1989 | Advisor: Charles Sabel

University of California, Berkeley

Ronni Lynne Rosenberg

"Computer Literacy Education"
1989 | Advisor: Joseph Weizenbaum


Colleen Dunlavy

"Politics and Industrialization: Early Railroads in the United States and Prussia"
1988 | Advisors: Merritt Roe Smith and Suzanne Berger

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Lindy Biggs

"Industry's Master Machine: Factory Planning and Design in the Age of Mass Production, 1900 to 1930"
1987 | Advisors: Merritt Roe Smith and Robert Fogelson

Auburn University (retired)

George G. Hoberg, Jr.

"Pluralism by Design: Environmental Policy and the American Regulatory State, 1933-1980"
1987 | Advisor: Walter Dean Burnham

University of British Columbia


Richard E. Sclove

"Technology and Freedom: A Prescriptive Theory of Technological Design and Practice in Democratic Societies"
1986 | Advisor: Joshua Cohen

Loka Institute

Paul R. Josephson

"The Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute and the Birth of Russian Physics"
1986 | Advisor: Donald Blackmer

Colby College


Frank Laird

"Limiting Democracy: Participation, Competence, and Energy Policy"
1985 | Advisor: Eugene Skolnikoff

University of Denver