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Aidinoff, Marc

sociology of knowledge; decision making; organizational behavior; technocracy; history of the social sciences

Bach, Alona

history of technology; religion; material culture; gender; science and performance

Bailey, Taylor

environmental history; history of human-animal relationships; conservation; hunting; wildlife; U.S. history; history of science

Christidi, Nadia

anthropology of future planning and design; climate change realities and imaginaries; water stress and water management solutions; cities; diversification, resilience, and sustainability; speculative design and design fiction

Fadok, Richard

anthropology of the life sciences; design anthropology; science and technology studies; history of biology and biotechnology; media studies

Garcia-Montes, Mariel

privacy, surveillance and social control; internet and platforms; technological openness movements; participatory processes; youth and media; networked social movements; feminist and postcolonial STS; design justice

Gibbons, Kelcey

history of technology; computing; freedom; media; African-American communities; class and race; sociology of information technology; digital histories and storytelling; becoming American

Gonzalez, Steven

anthropology and history of information technology (IT); anthropology of science fiction; cultures of computing; data centers/server farms; ethnographies of infrastructure; professional language/sociolinguistics; material-semiotics; feminist postcolonial science studies; anthropocene

Grande, Aja

ontologies of formative learning; ethnobotany; community-based learning; anthropology; science, technology & society

Immerman, Eleanor

medical apartheid, sociology of knowledge; technocracy; participatory action research, biopolitics

Kapsalakis, Lauren

history of the social sciences; cultural and transnational history; the laboratory and the field

Kochhar, Rijul

anthropologies of waiting; antibiotic resistance; bacteriophages; biopolitics and biosecurity; Cold War technoscience; disability, toxicity, and injury; emergen(t)cy states; futures; life-forms; pharmaceuticals; philosophy and anthropology; planetary crises; zones of human/animal care; United States, India

Khan, Rustam


built environment; technoscience; science, technology, society; chemical production; public health; biology; global commodity networks; development and expertise; capitalism and socialism; borderlands; Soviet Union and Global South

La Rock, Zach


agriculture; populism; crisis; containment; knowledge production; transvaluation; bioengineering; Anthropocene; Italy

Lee, Crystal


critical computing; disability studies; data visualization; the senses; media and mediation; feminist STS; quantitative methods

Lee, Jia Hui


human and other animals; sensing; anthropology of science; anthrozoology; development; olfaction; global South; science and technology studies

Loh, Timothy


deafness and sign language; critical disability studies; transnational discourses and movements; biopolitics, bioethics, and the state; religion; Middle East; Jordan; Singapore

Menzel, Julia


history of science;STS, critical theory, natural sciences, physics, capitalism, political economy, gender and sexuality

Ochigame, Rodrigo

computing, mathematical modeling, history and philosophy of logic, anthropology of reason, historical epistemology

Peyravi, Raha

critical medical anthropology; addiction and pain medicine; history of anesthesiology

Reis Castro, Luísa

anthropology of science, technology and medicine; anthropology of biology and health sciences; global STS; environmental humanities; human and other animals; critical global health; public health and politics; epidemics; mosquitoes and arboviruses

Reiss Sorokin, Alex

history and sociology of information technology; internet and platforms; digital histories; infrastructure and maintenance; privacy, control and surveillance; governance and regulation; law, science and society; social networks; algorithms

Rewegan, Alex

anthropology of biology and medicine; feminist science studies; cannabis; drugs and society; plant-human relations; matter and materiality; naturecultures; capitalisms and value; affective ecologies; sciences of the mind and brain; race, gender, and science

Robbins, Gabrielle

anthropology; global STS; pharmaceuticals; medicine, technology, and politics; postcolonial science studies; North and East Africa

Ruamcharoen, Boyd


air and other elements; materialisms; media theory; history of media and communication; media and environments; history of the environmental sciences, especially meteorology; anthropology of science and technology; social theory

Sobrino, Elena

water; toxicity; ecology; green chemistry; deindustrialization; labor; racial capitalism; anthropology of value

Spektor, Michelle

biometrics; national identification systems; surveillance technologies; technology and politics; history of identification; resistance to technology and technology policy

Tylko, John

history of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; history of aeronautics and spaceflight; Apollo and the Cold War

Walajahi, Hina

anthropology of the life sciences; experimentation; expertise and knowledge practices; science and technology studies; politics of inclusion; globalization; biotechnology

White-Nockleby, Caroline

STS; extraction; resilience; sustainability; temporality; infrastructures; remote sensing; United States; Andes

Wong, Jamie

entrepreneurship; big data; economization; smart cities; governance; experimentation; China

Wu, Di

Key words disability studies; crip technoscience; history and culture of computing/AI; biopolitics; People's Republic of China