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Adornetto, Turner

energy and power systems; resilience; justice; sociotechnical imaginaries; science and technology studies; anthropology; film

Bach, Alona

history of technology; Yiddish; religion; material culture; gender

Bailey, Taylor

environmental history; history of human-animal relationships; conservation; hunting; wildlife; U.S. history; history of science

Cerna Aragon, Diego

media theory; semiotics; valuation studies; technoscientific expectations; cultural economy; bureaucratic knowledge; environmental history; extractivism; Latin America

Christidi, Nadia

anthropology of future planning and design; climate change realities and imaginaries; water stress and water management solutions; cities; diversification, resilience, and sustainability; speculative design and design fiction

Garcia-Montes, Mariel

privacy, surveillance and social control; internet and platforms; technological openness movements; participatory processes; youth and media; networked social movements; feminist and postcolonial STS; design justice

Gibbons, Kelcey

history of technology; computing; freedom; media; African-American communities; class and race; sociology of information technology; digital histories and storytelling; becoming American

Gonzalez, Steven

anthropology and history of information technology (IT); anthropology of science fiction; cultures of computing; data centers/server farms; ethnographies of infrastructure; professional language/sociolinguistics; material-semiotics; feminist postcolonial science studies; anthropocene

Grande, Aja

ontologies of formative learning; ethnobotany; community-based learning; anthropology; science, technology & society

Khan, Rustam


built environment; technoscience; science, technology, society; chemical production; public health; biology; global commodity networks; development and expertise; capitalism and socialism; borderlands; Soviet Union and Global South

La Rock, Zach


anthropology of science & technology; agriculture and landscape; knowledge production; phytopathology; environmental regulation; bioengineering; agromafia; risk; value; Italy and the Mediterranean

Loh, Timothy


deafness and sign language; critical disability studies; transnational discourses and movements; biopolitics, bioethics, and the state; religion; Middle East; Jordan; Singapore

Menzel, Julia


history of science;STS, critical theory, natural sciences, physics, capitalism, political economy, gender and sexuality

Paiva Sieniawski, George

data representation and scientific visualization; observational and memory practices in the sciences; statistical graphics illustrating lived change; epistemic and aleatoric uncertainty as well as numerical controversies in commodities/financial markets and legal/policy settings; forecasting and bitemporal charts; foveal vs. peripheral vision, scene recovery, visual working memory, and limits to information processing

Peyravi, Raha

critical medical anthropology; addiction and pain medicine; history of anesthesiology

Radhakrishnan, Radhika

feminist technoscience; feminist and queer theory; Artificial Intelligence; Global South; feminist research methods; ethnography; feminist surveillance studies; critical algorithm studies

Reiss Sorokin, Alex

history and sociology of information technology; internet and platforms; digital histories; infrastructure and maintenance; privacy, control and surveillance; governance and regulation; law, science and society; social networks; algorithms

Rewegan, Alex

anthropology of biology and medicine; feminist science studies; cannabis; drugs and society; plant-human relations; matter and materiality; naturecultures; capitalisms and value; affective ecologies; sciences of the mind and brain; race, gender, and science

Robbins, Gabrielle

anthropology; global STS; agriculture; natural resources; medicine; pharmaceuticals

Ruamcharoen, Boyd


air and other elements; materialisms; media theory; history of media and communication; media and environments; history of the environmental sciences, especially meteorology; anthropology of science and technology; social theory

Sobrino, Elena

water; toxicity; ecology; green chemistry; deindustrialization; labor; racial capitalism; anthropology of value

Spektor, Michelle

biometrics; national identification systems; surveillance technologies; technology and politics; history of identification; resistance to technology and technology policy

Tylko, John

history of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; history of aeronautics and spaceflight; Apollo and the Cold War

Walajahi, Hina

anthropology of the life sciences; experimentation; expertise and knowledge practices; science and technology studies; politics of inclusion; globalization; biotechnology

Wang, Thelma

anthropology of biology, pharmaceuticals, and the body; feminist, queer, and trans science and technology studies

White-Nockleby, Caroline

mining; energy; temporality; infrastructure; United States; Chile

Wong, Jamie

venture capitalism; scaling; start-up companies; China; risk; temporality; credit and credibility; digital economy; AI; Big Data; Machine Learning

Wu, Di

disability studies; labor/work; history and culture of computing/AI; biopolitics; China studies