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Hellenic Students' Association Mailing Lists

Syllogos is the Hellenic Students' Association of MIT(HSA) official announcements list. It comprises the main communication chanel for all events that the HSA organizes or participates in. Therefore, we urge every student of Hellenic origin or interested in the hellenic community of MIT to be part of it.Syllogos is moderated by HSA's executive committee and only relevant announcements are posted.

Dialogos is intended for discussions. Furthermore, only list members are allowed to post to dialogos, in order to avoid spam.

You can use the links below to manage your list subscriptions and your options. In order to avoid spam, any subscription request needs to be approved by the executive committee. Any member can leave the lists at any time but please don't make a habit of leaving and resubscribing. If you would like not to receive e-mail just for a brief period of time (eg. for the summer vaccation) you can set this option through the links below without unsubscribing from the lists. Do not forget to resume mail delivery once you return.

For further questions please send an e-mail to the executive committee.

Syllogos List Information Page
Dialogos List Information Page
Lists Administration Page (requires authorization)

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