MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyIAP:Independent Activities Period

About IAP: IAP is 50!

This year marks IAP's 50th anniversary.

If you are interested in learning more about IAP, please check out this MIT News article: In praise of IAP - For 50 years, Independent Activities Period has provided MIT community members with a respite from the firehose.

The following photos highlighting exciting IAP activities may also be of interest - enjoy!

Cover of the IAP 1979 schedule of offerings

Bill Hecht ’61 SM ’76, former executive vice president of the MIT Alumni Association, taught students how to tie a bow tie at Charm School for many years. Photo Credit: Nick Schietromo

In 1973, IAP featured an auto repair workshop that drew 250 attendees. Credits: Photo courtesy of the MIT Museum.

Professor Linn Hobbs (now emeritus) demonstrates how to decant a bottle of Bordeaux in his popular wine-tasting class, In Vino Veritas, in 2007.