Best Free Excel Grade Tracking Workbooks For Teachers

Simple Excel Gradebook by Points

Designed for simplicity and ease of use. Download the gradebook:
Assessment Types - Points Directly - Points
Assessment Types - Percents Directly - Percents

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Assessment Types has fixed percentages for all the homeworks, classworks, tests, etc
Directly has all assignments directly go towards the running average
By Points assignments each out of so many points; more points = bigger weight
By Percents assignments each out of 100%; you can still weight assignments

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With the gradebook you can:

For Windows Excel 2007+ or Mac Excel 2011+ and last updated Aug 2020 for Excel's new formula engine for Office 365 and beyond. Not for Google Docs or Numbers.

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The workbooks are macro (code) free.

Charts and Grade Distributions

Easily graph distributions and chart scores. There's a prebuilt distribution for the overall running average:

Grade Distribution in Excel

The Printouts

The gradebooks have an easy-to-customize printout you can print for everyone or just one student. See video directions. Simple, Customizable, Gradebook Printouts in Excel

Be Creative!

You can chart scores across gender, race, absences, or any other custom category.

Video Tutorial Help

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