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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Descriptor Provides the core classes for the Java Management Extensions. Provides the definition of the ModelMBean classes. 

Uses of Descriptor in

Methods in that return Descriptor
 Descriptor DescriptorAccess.getDescriptor()
          Returns a copy of Descriptor.

Methods in with parameters of type Descriptor
 void DescriptorAccess.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets Descriptor (full replace).

Uses of Descriptor in

Classes in that implement Descriptor
 class DescriptorSupport
          This class represents the metadata set for a ModelMBean element.

Methods in that return Descriptor
 Descriptor ModelMBeanConstructorInfo.getDescriptor()
          Returns a copy of the associated Descriptor.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.getDescriptor()
          Returns a copy of the associated Descriptor for the ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanOperationInfo.getDescriptor()
          Returns a copy of the associated Descriptor of the ModelMBeanOperationInfo.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanAttributeInfo.getDescriptor()
          Gets a copy of the associated Descriptor for the ModelMBeanAttributeInfo.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanInfoSupport.getDescriptor(String inDescriptorName)
          Returns a Descriptor requested by name.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanInfoSupport.getDescriptor(String inDescriptorName, String inDescriptorType)
 Descriptor ModelMBeanInfo.getDescriptor(String inDescriptorName, String inDescriptorType)
          Returns a Descriptor requested by name and descriptorType.
 Descriptor[] ModelMBeanInfoSupport.getDescriptors(String inDescriptorType)
 Descriptor[] ModelMBeanInfo.getDescriptors(String inDescriptorType)
          Returns a Descriptor array consisting of all Descriptors for the ModelMBeanInfo of type inDescriptorType.
 Descriptor ModelMBeanInfoSupport.getMBeanDescriptor()
 Descriptor ModelMBeanInfo.getMBeanDescriptor()
          Returns the ModelMBean's descriptor which contains MBean wide policies.

Methods in with parameters of type Descriptor
 void ModelMBeanConstructorInfo.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets associated Descriptor (full replace) of ModelMBeanConstructorInfo.
 void ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets associated Descriptor (full replace) for the ModelMBeanNotificationInfo If the new Descriptor is null, then the associated Descriptor reverts to a default descriptor.
 void ModelMBeanOperationInfo.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets associated Descriptor (full replace) for the ModelMBeanOperationInfo If the new Descriptor is null, then the associated Descriptor reverts to a default descriptor.
 void ModelMBeanAttributeInfo.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets associated Descriptor (full replace) for the ModelMBeanAttributeDescriptor.
 void ModelMBeanInfoSupport.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor, String inDescriptorType)
 void ModelMBeanInfo.setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor, String inDescriptorType)
          Sets descriptors in the info array of type inDescriptorType for the ModelMBean.
 void ModelMBeanInfoSupport.setDescriptors(Descriptor[] inDescriptors)
 void ModelMBeanInfo.setDescriptors(Descriptor[] inDescriptors)
          Adds or replaces descriptors in the ModelMBeanInfo.
 void ModelMBeanInfoSupport.setMBeanDescriptor(Descriptor inMBeanDescriptor)
 void ModelMBeanInfo.setMBeanDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets the ModelMBean's descriptor.

Constructors in with parameters of type Descriptor
ModelMBeanAttributeInfo(String name, String description, Method getter, Method setter, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a ModelMBeanAttributeInfo object.
ModelMBeanAttributeInfo(String name, String type, String description, boolean isReadable, boolean isWritable, boolean isIs, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a ModelMBeanAttributeInfo object with a default descriptor.
ModelMBeanConstructorInfo(String description, Constructor constructorMethod, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a MBeanConstructorInfo object.
ModelMBeanConstructorInfo(String name, String description, MBeanParameterInfo[] signature, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a MBeanConstructorInfo object.
ModelMBeanInfoSupport(String className, String description, ModelMBeanAttributeInfo[] attributes, ModelMBeanConstructorInfo[] constructors, ModelMBeanOperationInfo[] operations, ModelMBeanNotificationInfo[] notifications, Descriptor mbeandescriptor)
          Creates a ModelMBeanInfoSupport with the provided information and the descriptor given in parameter.
ModelMBeanNotificationInfo(String[] notifTypes, String name, String description, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object.
ModelMBeanOperationInfo(String description, Method operationMethod, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a ModelMBeanOperationInfo object.
ModelMBeanOperationInfo(String name, String description, MBeanParameterInfo[] signature, String type, int impact, Descriptor descriptor)
          Constructs a ModelMBeanOperationInfo object.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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