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Packages that use RelationException Provides the definition of the Relation Service. 

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 class InvalidRelationIdException
          This exception is raised when relation id provided for a relation is already used.
 class InvalidRelationServiceException
          This exception is raised when an invalid Relation Service is provided.
 class InvalidRelationTypeException
          Invalid relation type.
 class InvalidRoleInfoException
          This exception is raised when, in a role info, its minimum degree is greater than its maximum degree.
 class InvalidRoleValueException
          Role value is invalid.
 class RelationNotFoundException
          This exception is raised when there is no relation for a given relation id in a Relation Service.
 class RelationServiceNotRegisteredException
          This exception is raised when an access is done to the Relation Service and that one is not registered.
 class RelationTypeNotFoundException
          This exception is raised when there is no relation type with given name in Relation Service.
 class RoleInfoNotFoundException
          This exception is raised when there is no role info with given name in a given relation type.
 class RoleNotFoundException
          This exception is raised when a role in a relation does not exist, or is not readable, or is not settable.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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