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Packages that use Control
javax.sound.sampled Provides interfaces and classes for capture, processing, and playback of sampled audio data. 

Uses of Control in javax.sound.sampled

Subclasses of Control in javax.sound.sampled
 class BooleanControl
          A BooleanControl provides the ability to switch between two possible settings that affect a line's audio.
 class CompoundControl
          A CompoundControl, such as a graphic equalizer, provides control over two or more related properties, each of which is itself represented as a Control.
 class EnumControl
          A EnumControl provides control over a set of discrete possible values, each represented by an object.
 class FloatControl
          A FloatControl object provides control over a range of floating-point values.

Methods in javax.sound.sampled that return Control
 Control Line.getControl(Control.Type control)
          Obtains a control of the specified type, if there is any.
 Control[] Line.getControls()
          Obtains the set of controls associated with this line.
 Control[] CompoundControl.getMemberControls()
          Returns the set of member controls that comprise the compound control.

Constructors in javax.sound.sampled with parameters of type Control
CompoundControl(CompoundControl.Type type, Control[] memberControls)
          Constructs a new compound control object with the given parameters.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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