JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

Class BasicColorChooserUI

  extended by javax.swing.plaf.ComponentUI
      extended by javax.swing.plaf.ColorChooserUI
          extended by javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicColorChooserUI

public class BasicColorChooserUI
extends ColorChooserUI

Provides the basic look and feel for a JColorChooser.

Nested Class Summary
 class BasicColorChooserUI.PropertyHandler
          This inner class is marked "public" due to a compiler bug.
Field Summary
protected  JColorChooser chooser
          JColorChooser this BasicColorChooserUI is installed on.
protected  AbstractColorChooserPanel[] defaultChoosers
protected  ChangeListener previewListener
protected  PropertyChangeListener propertyChangeListener
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  AbstractColorChooserPanel[] createDefaultChoosers()
protected  PropertyChangeListener createPropertyChangeListener()
static ComponentUI createUI(JComponent c)
protected  void installDefaults()
protected  void installListeners()
protected  void installPreviewPanel()
 void installUI(JComponent c)
          Configures the specified component appropriate for the look and feel.
protected  void uninstallDefaultChoosers()
protected  void uninstallDefaults()
protected  void uninstallListeners()
 void uninstallUI(JComponent c)
          Reverses configuration which was done on the specified component during installUI.
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Field Detail


protected JColorChooser chooser
JColorChooser this BasicColorChooserUI is installed on.



protected AbstractColorChooserPanel[] defaultChoosers


protected ChangeListener previewListener


protected PropertyChangeListener propertyChangeListener
Constructor Detail


public BasicColorChooserUI()
Method Detail


public static ComponentUI createUI(JComponent c)


protected AbstractColorChooserPanel[] createDefaultChoosers()


protected void uninstallDefaultChoosers()


public void installUI(JComponent c)
Description copied from class: ComponentUI
Configures the specified component appropriate for the look and feel. This method is invoked when the ComponentUI instance is being installed as the UI delegate on the specified component. This method should completely configure the component for the look and feel, including the following:
  1. Install any default property values for color, fonts, borders, icons, opacity, etc. on the component. Whenever possible, property values initialized by the client program should not be overridden.
  2. Install a LayoutManager on the component if necessary.
  3. Create/add any required sub-components to the component.
  4. Create/install event listeners on the component.
  5. Create/install a PropertyChangeListener on the component in order to detect and respond to component property changes appropriately.
  6. Install keyboard UI (mnemonics, traversal, etc.) on the component.
  7. Initialize any appropriate instance data.

installUI in class ComponentUI
c - the component where this UI delegate is being installed
See Also:
ComponentUI.uninstallUI(javax.swing.JComponent), JComponent.setUI(javax.swing.plaf.ComponentUI), JComponent.updateUI()


public void uninstallUI(JComponent c)
Description copied from class: ComponentUI
Reverses configuration which was done on the specified component during installUI. This method is invoked when this UIComponent instance is being removed as the UI delegate for the specified component. This method should undo the configuration performed in installUI, being careful to leave the JComponent instance in a clean state (no extraneous listeners, look-and-feel-specific property objects, etc.). This should include the following:
  1. Remove any UI-set borders from the component.
  2. Remove any UI-set layout managers on the component.
  3. Remove any UI-added sub-components from the component.
  4. Remove any UI-added event/property listeners from the component.
  5. Remove any UI-installed keyboard UI from the component.
  6. Nullify any allocated instance data objects to allow for GC.

uninstallUI in class ComponentUI
c - the component from which this UI delegate is being removed; this argument is often ignored, but might be used if the UI object is stateless and shared by multiple components
See Also:
ComponentUI.installUI(javax.swing.JComponent), JComponent.updateUI()


protected void installPreviewPanel()


protected void installDefaults()


protected void uninstallDefaults()


protected void installListeners()


protected PropertyChangeListener createPropertyChangeListener()


protected void uninstallListeners()

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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