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javax.transaction.xa Provides the API that defines the contract between the transaction manager and the resource manager, which allows the transaction manager to enlist and delist resource objects (supplied by the resource manager driver) in JTA transactions. 

Uses of XAException in javax.transaction.xa

Methods in javax.transaction.xa that throw XAException
 void XAResource.commit(Xid xid, boolean onePhase)
          Commits the global transaction specified by xid.
 void XAResource.end(Xid xid, int flags)
          Ends the work performed on behalf of a transaction branch.
 void XAResource.forget(Xid xid)
          Tells the resource manager to forget about a heuristically completed transaction branch.
 int XAResource.getTransactionTimeout()
          Obtains the current transaction timeout value set for this XAResource instance.
 boolean XAResource.isSameRM(XAResource xares)
          This method is called to determine if the resource manager instance represented by the target object is the same as the resouce manager instance represented by the parameter xares.
 int XAResource.prepare(Xid xid)
          Ask the resource manager to prepare for a transaction commit of the transaction specified in xid.
 Xid[] XAResource.recover(int flag)
          Obtains a list of prepared transaction branches from a resource manager.
 void XAResource.rollback(Xid xid)
          Informs the resource manager to roll back work done on behalf of a transaction branch.
 boolean XAResource.setTransactionTimeout(int seconds)
          Sets the current transaction timeout value for this XAResource instance.
 void XAResource.start(Xid xid, int flags)
          Starts work on behalf of a transaction branch specified in xid.

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Standard Ed. 5.0

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