MIT Kerberos Documentation



Hook function for inspecting or modifying messages sent to KDCs.

If the hook function sets new_reply_out , message will not be sent to the KDC, and the given reply will used instead. If the hook function sets new_message_out , the given message will be sent to the KDC in place of message . If the hook function returns successfully without setting either output, message will be sent to the KDC normally. The hook function should use krb5_copy_data() to construct the value for new_message_out or reply_out , to ensure that it can be freed correctly by the library.


typedef krb5_error_code( * krb5_pre_send_fn)(krb5_context context, void *data, const krb5_data *realm, const krb5_data *message, krb5_data **new_message_out, krb5_data **new_reply_out)