Joining Questions
Who can join the club?
This is from the CSC handbook: "MIT Affiliation Requirement: A person is considered affiliated for Club Sports purposes if he or she satisfies one of the following criteria:
  • MIT underdgraduate or graduate student
  • MIT alumni
  • MIT faculty or staff
  • Cross-registered student through registrar
  • Visiting student employed at MIT
  • Spouse of any of the above
  • College age children of affiliates if they are between the ages of 18 and 23
All participants must have a valid MIT ID card identifying their affiliation, and a current athletics membership. Membership is free for MIT students; other affiliates need to purchase a DAPER membership. Cross-registered students must also officially crossregister through the MIT registrar and obtain an ID via the MIT card office; the Club Sports Council does not have a role in facilitating cross-registration at MIT."

Can beginners join any time?
Yes! Come by any class. The workouts are designed for a broad range of skill levels.

Whose is in the club?
We have a very diverse crowd representating all of MIT, including:  students, including a lot of graduate students, staff, faculty, etc.

How do you sign up?
Email kickboxing-officers@mit.edu to be put on the mailing list for workout reminders and just show up at any of our workouts!

Kickboxing Questions

Is this cardio-kickboxing?
NO, this is REAL kickboxing. We kick and punch pads, bags, and each other. Kickboxing is a full contact sport, so we learn to generate as much power and speed as we can with proper technique. You will also get a great cardio and interval workout from the session.

What style of Kickboxing do you do?
We do not strictly follow one style. Some styles that we teach are Muay Tai and Sanda.

Do you spar in your workouts?
We have supervised sparring at all levels. However, you only spar if you want to and at whatever contact level you wish.

Are there any competitions?
Competitions are on an individual basis.

How does this differ from the Kickboxing PE class?
The club workouts tend to be a better workout and with more instruction and depth than the PE classes since the class is longer. Also, this is real kickboxing not cardio-boxing.

Scheduling Questions

Can your practice time be changed?
Nope, sorry

When are the workouts?
The workout schedule can be found by clicking the schedule tab to the left. For more details on workouts email kickboxing-officers@mit.edu.

Club Questions

Can I bring my non-MIT affiliated friend?
Unfortunately, only MIT students and MIT affiliates can practice with us. We'll get into trouble otherwise.

Are there club dues?
The club funds pay for the purchase of equipment and allows us to afford our great instructors. In order to continue upkeeping our equipment, buying new equipment and keep our wonderful instructors, we have to charge nominal dues. Feel free to come a few times and try the practice sessions out. Then if you like it and want to continue, pay the club dues. Dues are $40 per semester (fall, spring). They are usually collected one month after the semester starts.

Do I need special equipment?
No, just comfortable workout clothes. We workout barefoot. If you decide to stick around, you'll need a mouth guard (and a cup)

If your question wasn't address in this listing, please send an email to kickboxing-officers@mit.edu and we will answer you and add it to this list.
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