About Us:

The MIT Literary Society creates a comfortable atmosphere for undergraduates to freely discuss their book interests. We read one book every month and meet on Fridays twice a month to cover the entire book. The group votes on book selections, choosing from genres that range from the classics to contemporary works. All members get to lead a part of each discussion. Future events may include guest speakers from MIT’s faculty and viewings of movies based on books.

Our Mission:

Founded in the spring of 2006, the MIT Literary Society is an undergraduate reading group that focuses on literary discussion outside of the classroom. The purpose of the MIT Literary Society is to complement the often rigorous and technical MIT education by creating a forum that encourages discussions on the current literary climate. The group is designed to encourage the exploration of various genres and interpretations, and also to develop one’s leadership skills by coordinating discussions.
Our Constituition


Interested in joining us? Our member mailing list is litsociety-interest (at) mit (dot) edu. If you want to be added to this list, contact us at litsociety-exec (at) mit (dot) edu.