Pictures of the fish together

A male Maylandia crabro and a male Maylandia callainos go for a swim.

Maylandia crabro and Maylandia callainos

A female Melanochromis chipokae and some Melanochromis auratus.

Melanochromis chipokae and Melanochromis auratus
Fish and reflections on tank

This is a really neat looking picture I took. The fish and their reflections in the side of the tank are pretty!

A male Maylandia callainos and a female Maylandia estherae with some Melanochromis auratus.

Maylandia estherae and Melanochromis auratus

A ridiculous ceramic lizard, which my common pleco promptly deposed.

Ceramic lizard
Maylandia crabro and Synodontis euterpus

A male Maylandia crabro and a Synodontis euterpus.

Some Melanochromis auratus and a Maylandia estherae check out a female Maylandia crabro just after she is introduced.

Melanochromis auratus, Maylandia estherae and Maylandia crabro

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