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Alexis and Katie Kitty

Hi, I'm Alexis Ellwood.

This web page used to blather on and on about my geeky childhood and how cool I was or something.

Actually, it was pretty run-of-the mill, and I know you don't care anyway.

Really. You're lucky there's even a photo of me here, even if it is a photo of me torturing my parents' evil demon cat, Katie.


In case you are trying to figure out if I'm "that Alexis", here are some tidbits that might identify me:

I went to school at:

While I was at MIT, I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (6-3) and lived on Fifth East in EAsT camPUS.

I currently work for Modo Labs, Inc. on Kurogo

Before Modo Labs, I worked for MIT's department of Information Services & Technology. I have worked on a variety of teams in the department including the Macintosh Development team, the MIT Kerberos Consortium and Content and Collaboration Services.

I won the MacHax Best Hack Contest in 1998 (AsciiMac) and 2000 (DockStrip) with Ben Artin.

The Flaming Coffee Woman

This is my role model, the Flaming Coffee Woman.

When faced with an inexplicable tower of smoke and flame, does she leap up in a panic and spill flaming coffee all over herself? Does she fling the coffee across the room, setting her office on fire? No. She sits calmly, observes the flaming coffee and alerts other to the danger.

Anyone who works with computers on a regular basis should understand.

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