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Welcome to the asciiMac Homepage!

What is asciiMac?

asciiMac is an extension that converts your Macinosh's screen into color ascii art on the fly. Pretty funky, eh? It only works on PowerMacintoshes with PCI buses and only in thousands of colors.

asciiMac was written by Alexandra Ellwood and Miro Jurisic.

Where can I get asciiMac?

The asciiMac source is freely available for public domain use only. If you want to use the source in a commercial product, please send us mail. Mind you this code is pretty gruesome and you'll need CodeWarrior Pro 3 to build it. We're planning on fixing it up soon. Apparently Miro has some cool ideas to make it faster and better.

Get the source and binary here: asciiMac-1.1.sit.hqx

With asciiMac 1.1 you can take asciified screenshots, using the (provided) GrabBug utility. If you have cool screenshots, send them to us and we'll post the good ones on the screenshots page.

If you have a copy of the asciiMac binary from the 1998 MacHack CD, we recommend getting the new copy. The copy on the hack CD messes with your fonts.


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