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About MacDev

The Macintosh Development group of Information Systems is responsible for the care and feeding of several technology implementations on the Macintosh key to the MIT computing environment. In our spare time, some of our staff win programming awards and write cool hacks.

Much of our work involves the use and implementation of Kerberos on the Macintosh. This ranges from the porting and integration of the core Kerberos libraries to adding Kerberos functionality to applications. This work involves both the use of Kerberos 4, via KClient, and Kerberos 5 with the GSS API suite.

In addition to our Kerberos work, we also have a wide range of application development based around supporting the MIT Athena client-server computing environment. This involves creating and maintaining client side applications such as MacZephyr, MacDiscuss and KLPR. In doing such work, we find loads of bugs in the various UNIX server implementations, helping Athena to become a more stable and rewarding experience.

Our team is also involved in both company and technology watches. Naturally one of the companies we keep a close tab on is Apple, trying to analyze their future developments for their best use at MIT. Occasionally, we even work closely with Apple to better integrate Mac OS and Mac OS X to fit MIT's needs. Many of the other companies which we work with produce the products we rely on here at MIT such as Qualcomm (Eudora) and Metrowerks (CodeWarrior). On the technology front, we help out in the development and direction of Macintosh CVS clients which greatly improves our ability to work on projects together.

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