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The Macintosh Development Group
Alexis "Unix Princess" Ellwood

Alexis first started working for MacDev in the summer of 1993 and somehow never managed to leave. In addition to providing soft drinks for IS staff in E40 and maintaining three fishtanks, she also works on our Open Transport savy BSD Sockets Library, Kerberos Login Library and Mac OS X issues.
Scott "Peanuts Gallery" McGuire

Scott's introduction to MacDev was when he was hired in 1994 to stop MacZephyr from erasing people's hard drives. Fortunately he now has other projects to work on, such as the GUI Kerberos management application, documentation, and installers. He cannot confirm or deny rumors that he has a writing degree.
Marshall "Our Fearless Leader" Vale

If meetings were grenades, then he's the one who protects the team by tossing his body in the way. Marshall tends to do most of the group's PR (as it were), keeping us in touch with vendors like Apple and making sure our work is on target for MIT's needs. He tries very hard to keep the troops happy with up-to-date toys, (advanced computers for speedy development), and other strategic tools (t-shirts). It has been rumored that he once did coding but little supporting evidence has ever been found.

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