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Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.1 includes Kerberos for Macintosh

September 26, 2001

The MIT MacDev team is pleased to announce that as a result of its collaboration with Apple, Mac OS X 10.1 ships with a version of Kerberos for Macintosh pre-installed.

The Kerberos included with Mac OS X 10.1 is a development version, essentially equivalent to the Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0a18 release. Mac OS X 10.1 Kerberos includes the Kerberos framework, user-level command line utilities, and a pre-release version of the Kerberos login authenticator.

For more information, see the Kerberos on Mac OS X FAQ page.

MIT in collaboration with Apple to bring Kerberos to Mac OS X

May 18, 2000

The MIT MacDev team is pleased to announce a collaboration with Apple to bring Kerberos v4 and v5, including the KClient and GSS API's to Mac OS X. This upcoming Kerberos for Macintosh release will be available at the time of Mac OS X 1.0's release. Notification of the public testing releases of this package will be made on this web page and the Kerberos e-mail lists. Further information about this exciting development is available from the official MIT press release.

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