my reef fish

Flame angel

This is Red Fish, my flame angel. Flame angels are considered "reef safe with caution." While they normally eat flake and frozen food, if they are underfed or just get bored with their diet, sponges and some corals may suffer. I thought they were pretty enough to be worth the risk.

Flame angel

Another picture of Red Fish.

Hippo Tang

This is my elusive hippo tang, Blue Fish. He's so shy, this is the best I could do picture-wise.

Tangs have a very thin slime coat over their scales, so they are vulnerable to ich and oodinium (velvet). If you keep tangs, I recommend Mark Weiss Coral Vital and several cleaner shrimp.

Lawnmower blenny

This is my lawnmower blenny, Lenny. This picture doesn't do his color justice, but you can get the idea of his shape.

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