my hard corals

Tentacle plate

This is my tentacle plate (Fungia sp). Due to an amusing misinterpretation, this coral ended up named "Tentacle Porn," which is kindof appropriate given how it looks. My roommate Joe went as this coral for Halloween.

Red caulestria and anchor coral

On the right is my red Caulestria. On the left is my anchor coral (Euphyllia anchora).

Red caulestria, anchor coral and frogspawn coral

Here is another picture of my caulestria and anchor coral. In the back you can see my frogspawn coral (Euphyllia sp.)

Xenia, leather corals and frogspawn coral

Here is a picture of my metallic green frogspawn (back center) and my red blastomussa (front right). You can see my hippo tang "Blue fish" bothering the brown sinularia in the back left.

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