my other invertebrates

Hawaiian feather duster

This is a Hawaiian feather duster.

Stone crab

This is a little stone crab that came in on the live rock. If you know what species it is, send me mail! I'd like to know if it's going to start eating my corals when it grows up.

Peppermint shrimp

This is a peppermint shrimp. These guys eat small anemones which can multiply into a real nuisance in a reef tank. Unfortunately they are small and often eaten by arrow crabs and large wrasses.

Arrow crab

This is Scary, my arrow crab. I raised him from a little bitty arrow crab into this fish-eating monster. Unfortunately after eating all my peppermint shrimp, a mandarin goby and a leopard wrasse, I'm going to have to give him to someone with a larger reef tank.

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