The Book

the book

G. Chen, Nanoscale Energy Transport and Conversion, Oxford University Press, January 2005. ISBN 019515942X. An erratum version of the book is here.

From "This is a graduate level textbook in nanoscaleheat transfer and energy conversion that can also be used as a reference for researchers in the developing field of nanoengineering. It provides a comprehensive overview of microscale heat transfer, focusing on thermal energy storage and transport. Chen broadens the readership by incorporating results from related disciplines, from the point of view of thermal energy storage and transport, and presents related topics on the transport of electrons, phonons, photons, and molecules. This book is part of the MIT-Pappalardo Series in Mechanical Engineering."

Professor Chen's Courses

2.57 Nano-to-Macro Transport ProcessesOpen CourseWare
Parallel treatments of photons, electrons, phonons, and molecules as energy carriers, aiming at a fundamental understanding of descriptive tools for energy and heat transport processes from nanoscale to macroscale. Topics include the energy levels, the statistical behavior and internal energy, energy transport in the forms of waves and particles, scattering and heat generation processes, Boltzmann equation and derivation of classical laws, deviation from classical laws at nanoscale and their appropriate descriptions, with applications in nanotechnology and microtechnology.

2.58J Radiative TransferOpen CourseWare
Principles of thermal radiation and their application to engineeringheat and photon transfer problems. Quantum and classical models ofradiative properties of materials, electromagnetic wave theory forthermal radiation, radiative transfer in absorbing, emitting, andscattering media, and coherent laser radiation. Applications coverlaser-material interactions, imaging, infrared instrumentation, global warming, semiconductor manufacturing, combustion, furnaces,and high temperature processing.