2014 International Conference on Narrative

March 27-29 at the Massachusetts Insititute of Technology

Kresge Auditorium (MIT)


Literature at MIT

Narrative Society








All participants must join the International Society for the Study of Narrative.

Narrative Links

In order to generate interest and discussion, Ohio State University Press will be sending e-TOC (electronic Table of Contents) alerts for Narrative just prior to an issue release. Members and non-members can sign up for this alert at https://ohiostatepress.org/Journals/etocs.html.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative (St. Thomas Univ., Canada)

Centre for Narrative & Auto/Biographical Studies (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Centre for Narrative Research (Univ. of East London, UK)

Center for Narratological Studies (Univ. of Southern Denmark)

International Society for the Study of Narrative (Georgetown Univ.)

Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology (Univ. of Hamburg, Germany)

Project Narrative (The Ohio State Univ.)

Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies (Univ. of Nebraska Press)

MIT Related

Electronic Literature Organization (based at MIT)

HyperStudio (Digital Humanities at MIT)

Literature at MIT

Turning Data into Narrative (MIT Center for Civic Media video)

Work of Stories (2005 Media in Transition conference at MIT)


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Coordinators: James Buzard (MIT) and Sue Kim (UMass-Lowell).